Tuesday, April 29, 2008


After talking with some lovely ladies--young ladies, at book club this evening, I have a few thoughts going about in my head. This is more of a question for myself, but I think it's worth asking.
Ok, here goes.
Do I realize what is important in life? This may have variant answers, depending on our stage in life. But basically, do I get what life is about. And how am I contributing to that purpose? Am I doing what's important?


ME said...

Oh Sara. Those are great questions. When you find out the answers please share them!

Tam said...

Ok first the Lemon Festival story how fun how cute! And now your questions, how profound, how deep! I have always been very big on the thinking that we each were sent here for a purpose to fullfil and I always worry and wonder if I am doing the things to work toward that mission. I teach my children that they too have missions. Then I pray, pray and pray that we are doing God's will for us, that I'm guiding my children to the things they need to know to accomplish what they are here to do. Then I try my best and....... well trust! It takes so much faith and trust cause I can't see the whole picture yet. But I know someone who can and I trust him. I think the hardest part for me has been understanding that my part and mission and things I need to be doing can and will be entirly different then others. So even if I figure out what works for me and my fam doesn't mean that it is right and will work for others. So I also have to trust that hopefully others will seek guidance from their all knowing and trusted source and then not judge them for doing so. Am I making any sense? I hope so!

By the way what book were you discussing? Sounds great!

Love ya, love ya, love ya!!!!

themayerfamily said...

Thanks Tammie. I believe we all have individual missions too. I know I think of the big picture, but even the small things each day--holding my kids instead of cleaning, etc. The book we were discussing was Nightengales--a book about Florence Nightengale's family. She came from an amazing family that prepared her in every way to fulfill her calling.

Amanda said...

I think that the question you are asking takes on even bigger implications once you are a parent. Not only are you worried about fulfilling personal missions that may not be directly linked to parenthood, but also raising children that are prepared to fulfill their missions.
I think there is great comfort in the idea that there is a time and season for all things. We have different purposes for our life and some can be accomplished or worked on at a variety of stages. I think so often I lose sight of what exactly I am working towards. I know that Heavenly Father helps guide me on that path even when I am not thinking about it. As I keep the commandments, I do keep moving forward in my life regardless of the current emphasis.
Hope that made sense.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, I hope you don't mind if I jum p in here. First let me introduce myself, I'm Vicki, Angie's mother, and I have been enjoying your views on what is happeninging and how y ou are handleing everything going on i n your life. It sounds like you are doing great. As to your question, I think sometimes its a situation of you can't see the forest for the trees. Right now your are so involved with life and everything that's being thrown at you that it's hard to see you are living the meaning of life as you go. You are having a family, raising righteous children, spreading the gospel and living a Christ-centered life. I's taken me almost 60 years to realize how much you can fret over small stuff that's not important and throw away the important stuff. Angie keeps telling me what an awesome person you are and I believe her, and so does the Savior. Enjoy your life.

Tam said...

Ok Sara I have been pondering your question ever since I read it and commented. I just read it again and I don't think I fully understood it the first time. I think I look at the BIG picture maybe to often. I have never been very good at living in the moment but with kids I am sure learning. What about the little things? Sounds like that is more what you are thinking of. Is it more about the day to day? What we put our focus on where we spend our time? I liked what Amanda had to say about seasons. But do we truly understand that or do we think we need to do it all right now? I'm sure with what you have been through this past year has caused you to have a do a lot of pondering about what's important! I hope you are planning on sharing your thoughts. I know there isn't one set answer but hearing your thoughts will be invaluable to me.

Love ya, Tam