Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jig!

Well, we made it home. Let's just say that this was Landon's shortest hospital vist--including placing his GT tube, or for eating issues. Had Surgery on Friday, home on Wednesday. We probably would have gone home on monday, except the surgeion was a little precautious after having to rush him back down to the OR.--that and his high blood pressure. I think he gets that from my mom.
I swear, when it rains, it pours. Landon is trying to get his two top teeth and in the process, he has a blister on the roof of his mouth and his top lip is fat. Poor thing. He's also got a bad rash ie boils, from all of the tape adhesive. He's resting in his plush bed. We have to keep his head elevated to the blood goes back to his lungs. Over all, he's more tired than anything. I'm glad that they won't have to wake him up every two seconds to examine him or take his temperature.
On the more positive side, he is way more pink! I can't believe it. He is also a lot warmer than I noticed before. I think it's because his heart mostly pumps red blood now. I'm just so glad to have him.
We got to visit with Marc and Trudy's family. It was wonderful! They are such a breath of fresh air. Hayden had a great time trying to boss all the girls around. They were so good with him. My favorite was him trying to slow the little red wagon down while they were running. After a while, I saw him just walking delirously. He loves his cousins.


Emily said...

Sara Dawn, you are one amazing gal.
I can't even remotely imagine what you've been going through. I am continually amazed at your strength and your attitude. You are a valiant soul and that little Landon is an angel. Thank you for your inspiration and example.

May the Lord continue to bless you and your little family!

Thanks for sharing.

Love, Emily

Hauvers said...

this is your brother.
It was soo good to see you and the family. I admire your ability to keep hanging in there and keeping the faith. I was so glad to see Landon doing better for all he's been thru to see him smiling made my day. And my girls just loved getting chased around by Hayden. We look forward to seeing you guys again soon. Our prayers continue to be with you..