Monday, April 27, 2009

It's about time

Well, I guess I should make my post for this quarter. GRRR, right now I'm hearing the helecoptors again. Anywho. We are all doing swell. The boys have been sick, I have been sick and Serge has been sick--what is up with sickness? And how about the swine flu? I can't believe there are cases in Claremont. Please, don't let us get the swine flu!
Sigh. Landon is recovering well. We went to see his cardiothorastic surgeon(Dr. Razzuk). He said that Landon's lung pressures are great--a mean of 8(anything under 15 is very good). So he recomments that we have the next surgery. In the Fontan surgery, they will connect all of Landon's lower extremities to the main artery going to the lungs. As many of you will recall, the last surgery connected all of the blood from the chest up to the lung artery). They also found a small amount of blood flow in the pulminary artery and so they are recommending tying it off at the valve. Kind of crazy. However, he then told us in the next sentence that we don't have to do it right away. Infact, Landon has until his 3rd birthday to have the next surgery. And since he's not even two yet--we can relax for a few months.
So with that said, we have decided to stay in California for an indefinate period. We figure that Serge has a good job, with good insurance(I like that thing)and it's stable for right now. Serge has also started doing some side jobs with Architecture on his own. And, we have six weeks to go until graduation--June 14th. Landon's B-day and Serge's graduation celebration.
And so, my friends, we are in need of another place of residence. Yes, we are actively looking for a house to rent. I can't believe it--and I know that this time, it's for real. Can I just say "sweet land of liberty!" We however, I don't think that people know that there is an economic crisis happening.
For instance, I was driving around in La Verne(I know, it's a little uppity, but it's safe) and I saw a house for rent. I called and they guy, who didn't speak English that well, told me that it was a 4 bdr. 3 ba. and they wanted $2800/mo, plus deposit. Seriously. Sir, if I could affort that rent, I would buy a house. Honestly! But that's not the largest rent I saw. People in Ladera Ranch(Mission Viejo) want $6000/mo. I still gasp every time I think of it.
So we're willing to wait until the right house, with kind, honest people say that they would love a great family to take care of the home they have loved but need to rent it out because they have been called on a mission. Or, the house that grandma used to live in and she just can't take care of it any more and can't bear to see it rented to people who won't take care of it.
And, last but not least--I had the time of my life this last Saturday at the Annual Ladera Ranch garage sale. We propbably hit around 75 this year. At first we were a little dissappointed. However, our regulars came through for us. We found a great leather couch that has its own little miracle story.
I am always amazed that people don't know the value of things. We found(not that we bought it. We don't need it and we have to practice restraint) a gorgeous black Pottery Barn kitchen table with six matching chairs. It was in perfect condition and the people were asking $100 for it--or, make an offer! Can you believe that? We decided next year we are coming with a Uhaul. we saw beautiful furniture SETS that people were getting rid of just because they can, for $500.
We gave Hayden $5 and he made out with some great swords and toys. It was fun trying to persuade him to buy certain things and then he would declare he was going to "save it" for something else. I think people gave him great deals, just because he had his own money and he was so cute.
Landon is the happiest sick kid I've ever seen in the day time. However, at night time, he is a MONSTER! Usually Serge can sleep through anything, but not Landon lately. I don't know what to do, but if I don't start getting some sleep, I'm going to become Cruela Devil. Cheers!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Went fine. Doing fine except for a sore throat and pain.

Landon in surgery for his heart catherization now. Will know results soon-about an hour