Thursday, December 11, 2008


Well, life has been busy. I think I'm learning that my time is valuable. I can only do so many things and the rest have to go undone.
Life is going good. We had a great and quiet thanksgiving. Serge's dad and Peggy(his wife) came over. We made everything and they paid for it. I thought that was a great deal. It was delicious as Serge made almost everything. We brined our turkey this year and let me tell you that it was super moist! And the gravy was to die for. My contribution was homemade cranberry sauce. Super easy, yet very tasty.
We went shopping the day after Thanksgiving and it was early. Serge started at 4am and I got the boys out the door at 6. Since then (and before) I have been busy with crafts, sewing and the boys. I'll try to post some pictures after Christmas. I've loved every minute of it, really and I feel more like myself than in a long while.
Landon and Hayden are doing good. Hayden is counting down to Christmas. The Sunday after Halloween he woke up and said, "it's Thanksgiving and then it's Christmas." I told him almost.
Landon is working on walking with a walker. I've yet to get some pictures, but he's coming along.
This post would be longer, but Hayden is insisting that we make a gingerbread house this morning--ASAP. I told him after chores. He's sitting on the garbage can waiting for me.