Saturday, April 19, 2008

Each Life that touches ours for good

Sorry, this is going to be a long post.

Some times you just have to trust that God's plan is the best plan. Friday, April 18, 2008, Boris Ivshin was killed in a car accident. He was driving home from LA, where he was on an ambulance run. He struck the center divider on the 210 and then moments later he was hit by a drunk driver and killed outright. Boris was Suzie's(Serge's sister) best friend. They graduated from Claremont high last year together. Boris was attending Cal Poly Pomona--18 years old. Because Boris was Jewish by religion and ligeage, he needed to be burried right away(as the Jewish culture dictates) He was killed at 1:40 am and then burried at 3:00pm, before sun down and their Sabbath, and before the holliday Passover.
Because there was hardly any eulogy, due to the fact that you're not supposed to mourn before the passover or during, I feel that I need to say a few words to others about Boris.

Boris loved Hayden. From the moment we met Boris, we noticed what a helpful person he was. He was a good kid, --very responsible. All of you who know Hayden, know how he loves to run. if we were in a place where he needed to run, Boris would chase after him for hours and not complain one bit. Let's just say that it's an amazing thing that Boris' phone isn't broken beyone repair because he let Hayden play with it so much. He once told Suzy that he would like to be my boy's God father. She explained to him that we didn't have those, and then said, 'do jewish people have those?' He said no. I later told Suzy that the could be an honorary God Father--as long as he wasn't in the mafia. Ha ha! Boris attended many church activities with Suzie and supported her. I'd say he learned a little about the church, or a lot. After they graduated, Boris decided to get active in his old Jewish synagog. Hayden would always ask, "is BR'S(that's what he called him--no vowels) coming today?"
When Landon was born, Boris was so excited. Then when we found out that Landon had a congenital heart defect and would need surgery, he came out to spend the day with us on the day of the surgery. That meant so much to us. He also came out with Suzy to help entertain Hayden while we were staying in the Hilton for a month. Hayden and he had many a fun hour in the pool. Boris also spent a few days of his Christmas vacation this year helping me with the kids. He was so glad to just help around the house or play with Hayden. When we were paying our respects to the parents of Boris, his dad said, recognizing Hayden, "Boris loved them(our kids) so much" We were both crying then. I'm really glad I know the plan. It was so devastating for his parents, as they're Jewish, but not active or religious.
I guess Hayden was Boris' screen saver at home, and so even though the first time I met his parents was at the funeral, they all recognized Hayden. Thanks Boris for being a part of our family for a while. You made a difference in our lives, even though we couldn't say so at the funeral. You were a truly Christ like person and we were blessed to know you. We'll see you on the other side---maybe you could still be our honorary God Father--put in a good word for us? We love you!


joe decker said...

Thanks for this... i coached boris on a ymca swim team for a couple years. He was such a great kid, the family was living in hollywood at the time and he made it a point to come to practice everyday, even though it was on the westside. Always had a positive attitude, always had a smile and kind word. God must have wanted him by his side, since he was such a good man. I just wish he did not need him so soon.

rafael gonzalez said...

Thank you so much for posting this. Boris was a close friend of mine, and I can't explain in words how much I miss him already.

themayerfamily said...

I guess I didn't realize who would read this. Usually it's just a couple of people. Thanks for commenting. I think it helps the more you talk about it. Feel free to comment or talk about Boris as much as you like--as long as you keep it clean!:) Boris was just such an amazing person. I want to remember all that he did for good. Please share.

Brent said...

Boris was a student of mine at Cal Poly, Pomona for the past few quarters. If it hadn't been for your blog I never would have known that the world has lost such a bright, wonderful individual. I am sad to know I won't see him in future classes or around the university.

garagehero said...
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Anonymous said...

This was certainly a tragedy, but to say that he was killed by a drunk driver , or to blame someone else for his death, is a bit of a stretch. Remember, the other person involved and was also an innocent, but yet she has been charged with Gross Manslaughter. If no alcohol would have been involved, the fault would have been the lad who died. As it is, it was his fault, as he is the one who hit the wall and stalled out in the FAST LANE. When someone stops in the fast lane, there is an almost 100% percent chance that he or she will be hit, alcohol or not. Not too long ago, a woman had a flat on the 210 fast lane, and thinking she was on the shoulder, got out and was hit and killed, and her car was smashed into by several other cars. I am sorry for the death of Boris, but I hope his family is doing something to make sure the girl, Cruz, is not charged with Manslaughter....the police should know better, but of course, they are not here specifically to uphold the law, but to generate revenue for the agency of jurisdiction. Lets not make two tragedies from this unfortunate situation.