Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Landon's New Thing

Landon started to giggle. Hopefully we will be able to share this with you.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Oh! Brothhers R great!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Well, contrary to popular belief, buttons can be entertaining. They are practically Hayden's new best friends. Picture this. A family invites us over to dinner. They have a 4 month old. I say to my self, how can we keep Hayden busy? Well, I don't know, but let's take our own seat that you can actually strap him into. So we do. Lovely dinner, but Hayden is done sooner than the rest of us. That's when a stroke of genious hits me. I suggested Hayden try to unbutton his baseball shirt. That was the end of it--well, except him exclaiming, "I'm doing it!" We didn't hear another peep out of him for at least a good 1 1/2 hours--No joke! Fact: Hayden is better at unbuttoning than buttoning, but he can do both.
Landon is healing nicely. He is not sore, but I would still call him sensative. We had our follow up visit with peds surgery and they think it looks wonderful. Great. What's the bill going to be for that one? I don't know. I think landon's up to probably 2 1/2 mil. by now. I thank heavenly Father every day for good insurance!!!!!
In response to Liz--come on over any time! Gina, no we didn't have meals brought in. My visiting teachers--well, you know. But the girl I visit teach brought us some left overs at random. THey were great.
Thanks everyone for your prayers. Love ya!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

some progress, some not

So the origional stress of coming home has lessened. I still am not full fledged in making dinners again, but I know that will come. Hayden was so glad to come home. He did so good while we were gone in pooping in the toilet. However, since then he has had a bout of just going in his diaper. Well, I know he knows how to do it, but he's just regressed a little.
We went to the park yesterday and he was able to ride his bike all over. let's just say that loving it is an understatement. When he finally stopped to play on the playground(about an hour later--no joke) he was followed around by a cute little girl. Hayden couldn't be more oblivious. I found it funny that he didn't want much to do with girls. I guess we really don't spend that much time with them, since there aren't any in our ward or close around.
Landon is progressing. He's gaining weight nicely--13.7 lbs-13.9 lbs--depending on whose scale we're on. He's getting more strength. He still doesn't hold his head up for long. he can, but it's just for a minute or two. I pray he can master it soon. He's less sore and is so much fun to play with. He's laughing and kicking more. I know he's feeling better when he kicks. As for tummy time, he hates it--always has, but I'm praying he will learn to crawl too. I'm just glad he's gaining weight.
Serge got the highest score on his structure's class midterm. I guess the average was a D, but he got a 97%. That's my hubby! I can't wait for him to start practicing and doing what he loves for a job. Not that he doesn't enjoy his current job, but I know he preferrs Architecture to Civil design. We officially have 4 more weeks of school and then finals! That means one year and one quarter left to go. Serge thinks he's found his senior project topic--built in furniture. I am sooo excited about that! I love the concepts and cannot wait to live in a house he's designed.
Me? thanks for asking. I'm surviving. I think i'm coping by shopping lately. What's a girl to do? I bought some sunglasses yesterday. You need those in the dead of Winter. I am also frustrated with my clothes. Most of them really don't fit. Either they are too tight in the bust or falling off of my hips. I don't know how to win. Hm. Well, back to bed after pumping.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Counting our blessings

Well, we've been home for a few days and already I am feeling overwhelmed. Landon's really sore. Every time I move his button, he screams out in pain and clinches every muscle, trying not to move. Plus, he decided in the hospital(the 7th) that he needed to break in his very first tooth. Today he broke in his second. I tell you, the boy just doesn't understand that you should space out the pain.
We had yet another amazing roommate. Sometimes you get some real winners--crazy parents, and then you can imagine the kid. However, this time we had a little 6 month old. He had been in the hospital and rehab house all of his life. He is hopefully going home with his parents for the first time this week. He has a muscular disease that doesn't allow him to swallow, breathe or move much on his own. His parents had their first child die, then they have a healthy two year old and then this little ange. He's an adorable little guy who makes more secretions than any other person I know. It made me realize that my problems aren't so bad. He can't even smile. I just admire his parents. However, in talking with his mom, she and I shared our thoughts of having a child with special needs. Everyone talks of us being so strong, but it's really just a day to day, sometimes moment to moment thing. And in the end, we're just glad to have them here with us.

So in the hospital,Monday, we finally had Ped. surgery place the G-tube laproscopically(they pump them full of CO2), which I think is better then opening them up fully. Then, when he came out, he was ofcourse groggy from the anethesia, and sore from being back on the ventelator, even for a short period of time. He was super sore and had stitches holding the tube in place on the outside. It's a good thing he took his binky!
Then Tuesday, he wasn't allowed to eat until the afternoon. Then they started him eating 13 CC's per hour and worked him up to 50. THen they tried 150cc's(5oz) over two hours--he lost it. So then they took the amount down,I tried to tell them he's never even had 4, but what do I know. They then started giving him 4 oz over an hour. He tolerated that and so, every three hours they fed him. I wasn't allowed to breastfeed him yet, but when they let me, even though he was sore, he was more than ready. Poor thing!
He started throwing up when they tried to up the calories to 27/oz, so they took him back down to 24(sorry, I know this is a lot of detail). He was still throwing up about once a day and I was worried they were going to keep him over the weekend. I called Serge and he told me to tell them, "Look, he's thrown up all of his life, and so if you're waiting for him to not throw up, we'll never leave the hospital." It worked. Yeah!
I brought him home and Hayden was so glad to have us come home. He spent all week with Amy. Bless her heart! And now, I'm trying to get back in the routine of things.
Positives--Landon is growing, No more nasty, sinus infection causing yellow tube that I constantly have to shove down my son's nose, Hayden is continuing to potty train(still not 100% there), I put Landon on continuous feeds at night so that after eight months I can get 6 consecutive hours of sleep(almost) and we're here to help Serge through his mid-terms.
Thanks everyone for your faith and prayers

Friday, February 8, 2008

We're home!!!

Wow! after a week, we are finally home. Landon is really sore, but we're home--I had a little convincing to do. We'll post more. Thank heavens we're finally home together!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Recovering--30 min. After

The button - and a cool bandaid on his belly button that looks like a tatoo -the scope's entry point.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Well, Dr. Yanni tried to put the peg into the stomach, but was unsuccessful. They found the perfect sight, they made the small incision and put the needle throught, but it would not enter the stomach. I know, wierd. So, that means that he has to go under anesthesia again and Pediatric surgery has to do it. Hopefully they can do it laproscopically. so, needless to say, we are parked at the hospital until probably tuesday or wednesday--or possibly longer, but hopefully not. It's been hard, but we know there must be a reason. Thanks for the prayers and please keep us in them.