Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween pictures, by request (thanks Amanda)

Here they are. The cutest kids on 7th street. We had a good time this year trick or treating in Glendora historic discrict during the day and then at our ward party at night. I took a bag along for Landon. I know he can't eat it all, but I can help him.
Hayden was Woody riding Bullseye from Toy Story. He would put on his horse and run through our one walkway yelling, "to infinity and beyond."
Landon was a cow. He thought it was o.k. We wanted to make him a koala, but those costumes were $80. Who has $80 to spend on a costume. I bought his thinking he could fit into a 12 month size. It was a little tight. So we added some hoofs at the knees. Sigh. The kid is 23 lbs now and growing.