Saturday, April 12, 2008


Thanks for all of your faith and prayers!!! They don't have room for us in Ronald McDonald house, so last night we spent it on the floor just outside of the Cardiac ICU. Acutally, Serge let me have the dwarf sized couch and he took the floor. Yesterday was so crazy!!! We were scheduled for the first case, then there was a transplant, we went into Surgery at 11, out by 3 and off the ventalator. We went back to see Landon and he looked a little pale, but I just figured he was that way because he had just had a 4 hour surgery--2 of those just for anesthesia. Well, they said that he was having a little extra drainage from his chest drain, but they were giving him blood right as we came back. Fine, he was breathing good and we left to give them some room to recover him(we only get to see him at 10 min. intervals every hour while he's critical) So we come back and the RT says, don't go back we're going to have to re intubate. I'm thinking, what in the world. Then Dr. Razzuuk comes back and says, um, we're taking him back down to the OR room. 10 min. later, they had Landon ready to go and a room ready. Needless to say, in those short minutes, he had lost about 200cc of blood( almost eight ounces). They found that where they had banded the PA, the pressure had built up so much that the silk, used to band, had acted like a knife and he had busted a leak. I think it was because he was so ticked at them for making him cough. So they stitched his leak, closed him back up and brought him up. I was a wreck, but Serge said he just felt peace. They let him rest all night on the breathing tube and took it out this morning.
He is recovering well now and is very pink--minus the times that he's ticked off. He is still on oxygen, but just a whiff. The biggest surprise is that he decided to drink from a bottle! I guess he was just so hungry that he did what he had to do. Right now he's resting pretty comfortably--as much as you can when you just had hour chest ripped open twice in one day. The only pain medicine he's allowed to have is tylenol. He hasn't smiled yet, which is understandable. We hope that recovery contiues to move forward.
Thanks for you prayers--that's why Landon is alive.


Taryn said...

Hello Mayer family-
I know that you may not know me but I have enjoyed reading your blog. I feel as though I do know your family and I feel very inspired by your faith. My sister Deborah is actually Sarah's visiting teacher.

My husband and I went to the temple on tuesday the 8th and put Landon's name in the Temple. I hope that you don't mind. I have 2 little boys myself and I understand how much you love your two boys.

Thanks for inspiring us all.

Bronwyn James said...

Sarah, all I have to say is Wow. I'm so glad he keeps coming out of these surgeries ok, and so impressed at how your little family plugs along and stays optimistic and hopeful through the endless trauma. You guys are the best!

Tam said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to keep us posted! Sounds pretty crazy! It sounds like he is doing pretty good all things considered! We never stop praying for you all!!! I hope he heals quickly! I know the Lord and his Angels are with him and your family! Love you so much!!!!!!!

Liz W. said...

Wait, after all he's been through and he can only have Tylenol? Poor little guy!!

I've been praying my heart out for you all.

Keep us posted on what you need.