Thursday, April 10, 2008

What's on Tomorrow's Menu

Landon and I just got home from the hospital, where we werer doing PATS(pre-admission testing). We are a green light for tomorrow. We had origionally been on second case, but they have changed us to first. So we arrive at 6am and are scheduled for 7:30. However, there is rumor of a heart transplant happening tonight and they may still be in the OR room. So we may get delayed a bit.
For those of you curious as to what they are going to do, here's a short synopsis. Normally, all of your blood retuns to the right side of one's heart and then the right ventricle pumps it to the lungs. In Landon's case, they will make, what Serge likes to call, "Plumbing changes." They will connect the superior vena cava(the tube that returns blood from the head, neck and upper extremities normally to the heart) directly to the pulminary-T. So 1/2 of the blood will just go directly to the lungs to get oxygen, without his heart having to pump it. (His next surgery, called the Fontan, will connect the inferior vena cave--all lower blood, to the pulminary-T)
The second thing they will do tomorrow will be to remove his BT shunt, from the first surgery. The last thing they will do is ligate the pulminay artery from the heart. Some of you may recall that both landon's pulminary artery and his aorta(the artery that pumps oxygenated blood to the body) come off of his small, right ventricle.
In a nut shell, he will eventually just operate on one side of his heart--the left, I think. So anywho, I gues he will have to go on by-pass for the surgery. I'm really nervous about that because it can cause hemmoraging in the brain. That's all We'd need! But it's what he has to go through to live. The recovery is supposed to take 2-3 days. We'll be happy if we're home within a month. It may be a little more crazy this time because the Ronald McDonald house is really full, and Serge is in school. Hayden is staying with Granny Amy for a couple of days and then Grandma Hauver is coming to town.
In the midst of this all, Chase, my nephew, is having his farewell on the 20th. He's going to Lousville, Kentucky. He's so stoked, and I'm so excited for him. What a great example he is to us.
I just love my boys. This morning I was awoken by a 2 1/2 year old yelling, "Good morning mommy! Can I get out of bed." When I yelled back in a not too friendly voice, 'Yes!' he yelled back, "you don't say, 'YYEEESSS' to me. You can just say 'yes' nicely." I had to smile at that!
Keep us in your prayers--and we'll keep you posted.


Rachel said...

You're always in my prayers. If you need anything these next few weeks just give me a call. I'm there.

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