Thursday, May 1, 2008

In response

Thanks for all of your comments about my question. Perhaps I should give a little background to my question because Tammie asked me what I was thinking of. It was late, and I was rocking Landon back to sleep for the 3rd time that night. I was just kissing his head and snuggling him and I had this overwhelming feeling that I was doing the right thing--in the right spot, doing the most important thing I could be doing at that moment.
Then, pondering on the book where Florence had felt she had a calling to better the nursing situations during war time. So then I started to think about this fireside given in Logan by President Eyering(Elder then). He had spoken about getting up in the morning and having a prayer and asking the Lord what it is He wanted you to accomplish that day. Then he asked us all to go home and ask the Lord what who we could go visit, or go do something for. So basically, what is the most important thing to do at this moment in our lives.
I've had a couple experiences where I have asked, "What is the most important thing that I should do this day?" The answers have varied from--take your kids to the park to bring some lunch to Serge. Interestingly enough, at the end of the day, I usually do feel such a sense of accomplishment.
In the larger scheme of things, I think those moments let me know that I will eventually accomplish the bigger purposes. In other words, I'm passing the quizes so hopefully I'll pass the final exam with out too much problem.


Amy said...

Thank you for that post, Sara. It really made me think about what I can add to my prayers to help make my life more meaningful...and more service-oriented. That sounds like a wonderful talk Pres. Eyring gave. I love our leaders!

Tam said...

Oh I love it! President Eyring is so wise and humble I love his advise! Thank you so much for sharing! And thank you for your example. I pray I can being doing the right things at the right time for me and my family!

Love ya, love ya! Tam

P.S. I loved your comment on Flea's fam talent blog. Man did that bring back some memories!!!!