Sunday, March 30, 2008

Toot Toot!

I just wanted to let you all know of an exciting thing that happened for Serge. You may recall me mentioning a project Serge was working on called the TJ project, where they built a house out of recycled paper and cement. This project has been going on for two years and this last quarter, they asked the architects to get involved(it was under the direction of regenerative studies). So, ofcourse, they couldn't have picked a better team than Serge's class of architects. Basically, it was just a block of cement and paper. The team not only designed where to put the windows in, but the materials used. Then, they put the project on the fast track to build, finish and then submit a board explaining the project with an essay, to a competition in little old Washington DC, called 'The NCARB Prize 2008.'
For those of you not familiar with NCARB, they are the people who are incharge of registering licensed Architects--a process that takes 3 years after graduation. So this was pretty much THE comptetition.
Well, on Saturday, Serge got a call from his friend Brad, asking if he had got an email--which he hadn't checked, explaing that they had placed in the contest. THEY WON FIRST PRIZE!!!
O.K. so, just to let you know, the people who won last year came from the number one ranked school in the country. I think Cal Poly is like 15th or something. And the grand prize is $25,000 smackaroos. Not that we'll see that money because there have been so many people in the two years the project has been going on, but still--what an accomplishment. Let's just say that the dean, Judith--was in utter shock and Serge was pretty blown away too. This is such a huge recognition.
Way to go Serge!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Surgery Canceled

Due to Landon having an ear infection and being on anti-biotics, we are postponing surgery to the 8th or the 10th of April. I think it's for the best, so he can be at his best and not hacking a lung. So there you have it.

precious moments

So it turns out that landon has the beginnings of an ear infection. so we're on some anti-biotics. Which, really, I'm glad of. I hope it kicks what's in his chest too. He's getting better. Today we have the EKG scheduled. I'll talk to the nurses and see what the recomment, as far as if we should still hold for the 1st of April. Through it all, however, Landon is still smiling.
Last night we were sitting down to dinner. We were having honey BBQ wings with salad(I know, it's healthy). I think it's the first time that Hayden has eaten chicken off the bone. Well, about two wings in, he asks,
Hayden: Mommy
Me: Yes Hayden
Hayden: Do doggies eat bones?
Me: Yes
Hayden: And der lick der bums?
Me: raise eyebrows and pause. Yes
Hayden: O.K. Back to eating wings
Me: Pause. laugh hysterically with Serge.
I know I never brought that up, so where in the heck does he get that???

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So we have to have authorizations for all of landon's Dr's app. or hospital stays, or physical therapy. I'm learning how to work the HMO system.
We get an approved authorization in the mail that looks something like this.
QTY Description
1 Major Vessel Shunt
1 Repair of sternum separation
1 Reinforce Pulmonary Artery
1 Remove Pulmonary Shunt

Yeah. It's was a heavy authorization

Under the weather

So amazingly enough, Landon has an awful cold with a yucky cough. We missed our RSV shot this month because of an authorization mix up. anywho, he has an awful bark. If it continues, we will have to postpone surgery. Keep him in your prayers, I know you usually do.
Serge is on Spring break. For the last two days he has come home before five, we have eaten dinner as a family, and then gone out to do something together. I love daylight savings time. I asked Serge, "is this what it's like for families who just go to work and doun't have to worry about school and projects. They actually get to see eachother?" I am loving it. Ofcourse, next week will be different, but I'm enjoying it.
We planted a garden yesterday. We cut down on tomatoes, as we don't know if we're going to be here for the summer. By cutting down, I mean only three tomato plants, along with some peppermint, cilantro, Italian sweet basil and a red bell pepper. I really love gardening. Hayden then wanted to drown all of the plants. I tried to train him that you don't actually put the water directly on the plant full blast. It was a new concept for him. When he was done he said, "that was a good boy watering." He kept repeating it until I somewhat agreed with him.
Landon's head is getting stronger. He still doesn't hold it up for long periods of time, but he can do it. His endurance is improving. I tell you what, the second coming has a whole new meaning for me now--along with the resurrection.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

April Fools Day

We met with the Surgeion, Dr. Razzouk, and we're good to go for surgery on April 1. He said that his O2 saturations won't go up much, but it will take about 1/2 the work load off of his heart. He also said that it is usually a 2-3 day in house stay. I just laughed and said, "if we get out of the hospital within a month, I'll be happy." So anywho, I am scurrying to get bloodwork done, X-rays and EKG's.
I'm hoping that my mom can get time off of work to be here with us. I guess she has a lot of sick days stored up. Hooray for mom's!
Hayden continues to keep us laughing. The other day I was in the bathroom and I shut the door(though it was not locked). Hayden immediately started to try to open it. I look forward to the day of a peaceful bathroom visit. When he couldn't get it open he had this nice conversation with the door.
Hayden: Come on door! AAAHHH! Mommy, it won't open.
Me: Well, turn the knob.
Hayden: This way?
Me: ???UM. . .Yes.
Hayden: O.K. . . . Come on door! (tries to kick it, doesn't work). . .
Then comes my favorite part--a talk with the door.
Hayden: Come on door! Why are you not opening? Why are you not opening?! I'm serious!!!

I love my two year old!
Landon started to blow rasberries today. Does life get any better?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Body vs Mind/Spirit

So I was watching Landon sleep tonight. I was thinking of what is ahead of him this month and how much he struggles to do the little things that I take for granted. Eating, holding my neck up, sitting, etc. And here he is, trying his hardest, being pushed all of the time--yet he's so happy and the first one to smile. I work with him a lot, I take him to therapy, therapy comes to our home. Truly, he is such a trooper. I know it is not easy doing things that are uncomfortable, yet I know it's the best thing for him.
Life is about mastering our bodies. Letting the Spirit, our spirits, control our body. So, for Landon, this month, I am going to make an effort to control one more thing about my body. I'm not sure if it will be chocolate, biting my nails, or not spending so much time on the computer. But I want to do something to say that I acknowlege how difficult life is for him. Some moms of cancer patients shave their hair off. I'm not going to do that. But I'm going to do something. Join me if you like.
We have an appointment next Wednesday to consult with the surgeon, Dr. Razzuuk(ru`zook. Marvelous man. So glad that he is a praying man. From there we will schedule surgery # 3.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Gala(Gay`la)--an event for the rich to give of their dough, and make the Mayers very uncomfortable.
So we were asked a while ago to share our experience of Landon's care in the hospital. They video taped Landon and I. Of course I droned on and on, but they deleted most of it. So next the foundation contacted me to let me know that they had the video and I could view it. It actually was very well done. I loved that they put the part in where I was crying. Thanks! It did have to do with my amazement of our surgeon, Dr. Razzuk, praying with us before surgery. So anywho, I didn't think that much about the Gala, until about two weeks ago.
Joanna, the director, contacted me and asked if we would be able to attend. I talked to Serge and we agreed. We had done something similar for the Ronald McDonald house in speaking about Landon's progress and the care we received at LLUMC. Well, when we spoke at the gold tournament for RMH(Ronald McDonald House) it was a little nerve racking, but everybody had been out golfing all day. They sold some things for around $2000, and were jesting to each other that it was the cheapest B-Day present they could give their wife. I was shocked that someone would give their wife that hefty of a birthday gift.
Let's just say that the Gala was about, um 200% more uppity, if that's possible. So it said "black tie optional." And so I was thinking --A dress, Serge can wear his tie. Serge was thinking, I could put on some khaki's, but eventually decided for his suit, without the coat. Well, we soon found out that , "Black tie optional," actually means--tuxedo is optional.
We pull into the parking lot in our humble white, stick shift Honda civic, and right behind us pulls in a limo. Did you know that Jaguar makes a limo? I learned this on Sunday. Yep. It felt like the the Emmy's
Um, we were seated and got settled in with our stroller. There were roughly about 1,000 people there, all decked out in evening gowns and tuxes. We had dinner, at $200/plate. Sigh. (what I could do with $200. The entertainment was amazing, A Lady from New Zealand, singing with an Italian--WOW! It was like the freaking Emmy's. Then they had a live auction. The first item was golfing for four--went for $12,0000. Yes, no lie. The next item was a trip to the Beijing Olympics for six. --$10,000.
Oh, when we were eating, a couple came up and asked if they could sit next to us. I told them sure. I said, "this is the loud table. We are the only one with kids here." This size 2 of a woman said, "you don't scare me, I have seven!" I laughed. She later told us she was MC and asked us how to pronounce our name. I asked her how one gets the job of MCing something like this. She smiled and said she usually does it every other year. That was the end of it. Later they introduced her as Mary Park, anchor on Chanel 4 news. woops! I had no idea.
Needless to say, our little part went well. Landon was a doll. Hayden got to eat lots of candy to help him sit still:) and I didn't vomit or pee my pants. (How do I get myself roped into things like this?!)
Let's just say that I shall probably never attend something like this again in my life time, but gave me something to write in my journal about.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What do we do?

Well, just incase some of you wonder what we do in a day, here goes some highlights.
6:00--Hayden yells, "Dad, are you going to work? Oh, you are? o.k., have a good day!" and then goes back to sleep.
7:00--Hayden yells, "mommy, is it time to get up?" mommy yells back, "no." Hayden goes back to sleep, but Landon wakes up. Mommy transferrs both boys into bed and we all go back to sleep!
8:45--Landon is done sleeping. We get up, dressed and fed.
11:30--finally get out of the house to go to dad's school.
12:00--switch kids to dad's car, park mom's car in the faculty parking spot so I can pull the Honda out. Pull the Toyota out and park it. Get in to the Honda to pull it into the spot, only to have some young whippersnapper pull in to the parking spot. Drive around for five minutes praying no one turns me in for leaving my kids in a parked car while searching for a parking spot. Finally find a spot about 80 yards away. Sprint back to the kids.
12:30--Take Serge's car to get smogged. The first place has no tech. Take it to another spot. They can do it. Chat with some bikers while we wait. Hayden is totally enthralled with their motorcycles.
1:00--pick up lunch for Serge
1:30--pick up prints for Serge's project at work
1;45--deliver Serge's design
2:00--head home and get kids to sleep, schedule appointments, etc.
3:00--clean out Serge's car, which was starting to imbarrass ME because it looked like he was homeless and all he owned was in his car.
4:00--take Serge's car to gas it up and then wash it.
5:30--take Serge's car back to him at School and let Hayden see the Horses.
6:00--Go to Patties for burritos-YUM!
7:00--head home for the night, put Landon down and bathed Hayden, since he had peed his pants, underwear, socks and you name it on his lower extremities.
8:00--watch American Idol
9:00--Serge calls to say he's coming home. Hayden demands to talk to him, "Where are you at?! Oh, you're on Foothill, ok." Read scriptures, play with Hayden and go to bed.
9:30, I try to have a few moments to myself. Sigh.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Prayers are answered

Explanation: Dr. Kuhn= a man who doesn't sugar coat something in the least. Let's just say that the man told me last heart cath that Landon would either go to surgery again or he would go on the heart transplant list in the same breath he said hello.
Well, the heart cath went better than we expected. Dr. Kuhn, our cardiologist, did the proceedure again. He kind of scared me before. I guess some vessels and form in a coil in some of the arteries and that if they did, he "would treat them agressively." So something I thought would lake 30 min for him, he actually told me would take about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. When the Dr. Came to find me, he asked me, with his cocky cardiologist smile, "so do you want good news?"
Of course I said yes. He said he had pressures of 11(in the normal range--last time they were 40). Normal range is 15-30. So in layman's terms--Landon is a candidate for next surgery and we don't have to list him on a transplant list. This is such a blessing! Thanks so much for your prayers and support!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Keep us in your prayers

Well, we are scheduled for Monday, March 3rd, to have Landon's heart catheder. For those of you who don't know heart terminology, here's what they do. Our Dr., Dr. Kuhn, puts a cathedar in through the groin area up to the heart. He then shoots some die up into the heart and then takes some readings of the pressures (blood flow) in the lungs and heart area. This will only take about 15 min., and supposedly we are to go home the same day. We will see. Please keep us in your prayers. This is always the precurser for surgery. I have a feeling we will go for our next open heart surgery soon, but we'll see. The group of surgeons and cardiologists will meet on Wed. to discuss his case and we'll go from there. So there's your heart lesson for the day!
Love you all.