Friday, August 29, 2008

Angels game

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hayden's three!

I know it's late, but better than ever. Hayden turned three on August 12. We had a small family party for him. He could barely make it through the day to open his presents. He got a good stache this year--memeory, a letter game, a bubble gun and a baseball glove and a ball. Grandma Hauver is sending him a basketball later. He was so excited.
I asked him what kind of cake he wanted this year. He wanted mommy to make him one. I tried to find a mold, but he didn't want anything except sponge bob. We don't even watch sponge bob and so the only other choice was to make him what he wanted in the first place(without me trying to persuade him)--a Motorcycle cake!
I printed out a picture and Serge cut it. Then he tried to frost it. It was slightly humorous and mommy couldn't let it be, so I doctored it up. It turned out pretty good for my first cake.
Then we went camping up in Acton. We had a nice time and ate some good food. Hayden really loved the pony ride.
This year I feel like Hayden has just gotten taller and smarter. He thinks he truly rules the roost-- and if we're not careful, he does. One of my favorite stories of Hayden I may have shared before. There are so many, but this one is recent. It was Sunday morning and Hayden decided to get up at the crack of dawn. He comes in to lay down in our bed after waking Landon up too. He started playing with the blind cords and I got upset. I told him very sternly, "Hayden, when I say stop I mean stop!" etc. etc. etc. He responds with, "well, it was tangled." Then we go into a discussion for a few minutes. I got to get Landon back to sleep and when I come back Hayden says to me, "Mommy, when I say I'm getting it untangled, I mean I'm getting it untangled!" I had to leave the room so that I didn't laugh infront of him.
He also loves to tell me how to drive. He constantly reminds me what the light colors mean. I think he has failed to remember that I taught him that. I love when he tells Serge that he can't do something because he's not 'trained.' He loves to help us cook(or make a big mess while we're cooking). His favorite is to scoop the ice cream for our smoothies.
He is a really sweet boy and so good with his brother. He'll play with him and tell me if Landon's crying, "Oh, Zandon, do you need a toy?" Lately he tried to interpret Landon's cooing. He fills me in on exactly what he's expressing. It's pretty funny. At night, when he goes to bed, Serge and I just crack up about what he has done for the day.
I thought last year that he was getting so big, but I'm excited to see what this year will bring! Love ya, Hayden!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

How can you stay mad?

This is Hayden playing in the pools of water on Saturday. We hiked San Antonio Falls that morning and then went to the Mission Inn in Riverside, a great day!

Landon and Serge having a good time. Landon's getting so big he has to lean over in the Bjorn.

So at the end of the day, it's pretty much like Bill Cosby said. You look at your kids and say, just listen to me and get ready for bed and they say, "but dad. . . We can't go to bed without a good beating." Well, no we don't beat our kids, but they do drag out the dramatics before bed and pull out all the stops. . . Ok. . Hayden pulls out all the stops before bed.
So Landon is asleep and it's 9pm and I've had it(He started the day with a HUGE blowout--crap out, whatever. . .graphic picture to follow).

I get Hayden in his pj's and then he goes for the popcorn bowl sitting on the couch(waiting for me to watch the season finale of "So you think you can dance.") I try to help him sit down and not spill the popcorn. He then hugs the huge Tupperware bowl and backs away. I reach and he then proceeds to put the bowl over his head. It was only a minor catastrophe and we only spilt 1/2 of the popcorn, but I had had it and started to cry.
Hayden than pipes in with. "I'll help you pick it up." I give my reprimand(it's pretty much always the same), "Why can't you just listen, son." and then I cry some more(I know, I'm dramatic.) Then Hayden says in his best comforting voice, "Oooohhh, I'm sorry, sweetie." and then he gives me a hug.
Yep, that's being a parent.
He finally got put to bed and I was talking with serge, when an almost three year old snuck out of his bedroom and stole the popcorn bowl. I found him, sitting in the dark, eating by his bed.

It really was great popcorn. Sigh.


Sleepy boy.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Lame Blogger

What's up with me and my not blogging? Well, let's just say that I have been gallivanting(to borrow a word from my mom). Let's see. Uh, ah, yes. Here we are.
We had a few changes at our house. Since Hayden decided to flood the kitchen, which seeped through the wall into the bedroom of our one bedroom house, we felt the need to take out all of our stuff and relocate into the living room. After we aired out the carpet, we decided that we would put the boys back in the bedroom and move our queen bed into the living room. The "foye" is now our living room and the partition is the divider of our "room." So the couch is acting as a go between. We played "mother may I" with Hayden yesterday and one of the questions was, "mother, may I step over the couch." Never done that one before in that game.
Next, Landon and Hayden came down with a terrible cold that really knocked the for a loop. Hayden was o.k., but I spent the next Tuesday in the ER with him wheezing and coughing. We got him on a nebulizer and then later on some steroids to help give him lung power.
The week of the 24th of July, we went to the Woodruff/Martin reunion. Let's just say that even with sick kids it was a ton of fun! We stayed in these really nice condos that seemed so spacious. They had like 15 feet ceilings and three bedrooms and 2 full size bathrooms. Brigham and Michelle were kind enough to let us have the master bedroom which had it's own deep tub.--Let's just say that I was in heaven!
My favorite part was the women's circle. That is a tradition they have of sharing recipes, good tips and new things we've learned. I love it. I came home with all kinds of new things. They are such great ladies. It was so good to spend time with old friends. I had met most of them the summer before we got married and haven't seen them since. Serge's favorite part was tackle spoons on game night.
On the 25th the Yardley's had their yearly reunion. It was great to see my cousins--whom I haven't seen since Hayden was 5 months old. They are such a wonderful family. I loved how my aunt Mildred, who is like 97 and in a rest home(and slightly senile) kept saying, "Roy(her husband, who has been dead for a year) will be so mad." We had a quiz and the oldest person there got a piece of Seas' candy--she couldn't eat it because she didn't have her teeth in.
They boys traveled well and that was a huge blessing.
Sorry this is a long post, but I have one more item. I got to visit my sister in La's Vegas on the way home. She and Brandon just purchased a little house(without a front yard--or a back one for that matter). It's just adorable. It was a foreclosure and so let's just say that the people who got kicked out didn't really clean before they left. My contribution to the house was cleaning the caked on grease on the stove, microwave and wall surrounding the stove. Why is it that Asian folks let it get that way? Hmm.
Craziness--her next door neighbor came knocking on her door at about 9pm and she opened it to find that it was a girl from Logandale. Her dad was our Bishop years ago and now is married with twin boys living right across from Charlotte. Small world. And--there are seven sets of twins in her ward. Nuts. Anywho, I loved spending time with Charlotte and her adorable girls(no offense Brandon, but you had to go to work and I didn't get to see you much). Her girls absolutely adore me, well, Sydney does. Sadie just cries. She doesn't know how much fun I really am.
So anywho, we're back and all pooped out. Boys are better, I'm almost better and we are home for a little.

The end.