Monday, April 7, 2008


Thanks for all of your comments. It gave me some more food for thought. It's funny, right after I posted, I read the visiting teaching message--about strengthening marriage. Elder Nelson suggested three actions: 1. Aprreciate 2. Communicate 3. Contemplate--ie, attend the temple On a little update. Landon is scheduled for the 11th--this Friday for surgery. He's second case, so he will begin surgery anywhere between 12-3pm. He's finished his antibiotics and is getting better. Hayden started with a cough last night--great! I'm praying we all stay healthy. Landon is working on holding his head up, and can do so sitting up for about five minutes now. It's definately improvement, but he's still wobbley. I'll take it! Hayden, Hayden, Hayden! "I'm a ham!" is his new favorite expression. Thanks Amanda! She was in town and Hayden had a good time with all the gals. At home, we have defined our house rules and are posting them, because what we're doing is not sufficient. I'll let you know how it works after surgery. Love you all! Here's Landon Laughing again, I couldn't resist!


Jill said...

I love your little videos. I couldn't help but laugh at Hayden swiping at the camera. I can't tell you how many videos I have at home with one of my kids doing that. It's even better when I'm at a school awards assembly trying to video from the back of the gym with a child or two climbing all over me. I almost get motion sickness just watching the video. I hope they still appreciated it someday. At least I tried:)

Tam said...

Ok it looks like i'm behind on your posts so I will be commenting about two again! (Hey it means your doing great at keeping up on posting;) When it comes to marriage I have always wondered why we seem to hurt the ones we love and treat perfect strangers with more compassion. I think it becomes so comfortable that we are not afraid to show them are worst self. But really if you think about it who more deserves our best self! I really think marriage is all about putting the other persons needs and feelings first! When couples will do that it's amazing how love grows! I had many times in my early married life where I have thought this is not what I expected and it's never going to change maybe we should just give up. Then I think about the promises I made and I don't take those lightly. I have realized the times that I was feeling that way were the times I was just thinking of myself! When I finally started to be less selfish and think about what I could do and not what I thought he should be doing made all the difference. And our love grew by leaps and bounds! And still is;)

Ok now Landon is so sweet I love his little laugh! Oh the little moments! Make it all worth it! I think Hayden part in the video is pretty dang cute too! We continue to pray for you all and we will have a prayer for Landon all day in our hearts on Friday! Love you and God Bless, Tam

Liz W. said...

Boy did I need to see that video today! It was nice to have something to smile about.