Friday, April 25, 2008

The Lemon Festival

So here was one of our highlights tonight. The Upland Lemon Festival is going on and we decided to go. Hayden gave us a recap of the night.
Mom: What was your favorite part Hayden
Hayden: The motorcycles.
Mom: Oh, the motorcycles huh?
Hayden: Yes. and more. The horsie ride.(me nodding) . . .and more. the cars and the airplane ride and more. . .the dumbo ride. . . and petting the animals and then I peed on their food.
Aparently I didn't have his diaper positioned so well and he peed his pants. It leaked down his shorts, down his legs and onto the saw dust--interpreted by Hayden as pet food. Needless to say it then adhered to his shoes. That pretty much ended our night. Good times!

Landon is doing good. He is still a little sore, but laughing, talking, kicking and barfing like he used to. I know when he kicks like a banshee he's feeling better.

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Amanda said...

He's such a big boy! I can't believe how fast he has grown up. I still have the picture of him with the beany on my file cabinet at work. The kids always ask who he is. I always say 'my favorite little boy.' Cause ya know 'he's a ham.'
Give him a kiss for me.