Monday, December 7, 2009

Need your help

Hey all, it's that time of year again, and I love it! We are going to attempt to send out our Christmas cards and need your updated address. Everything's going good here. I've been super busy with the Creche festival. It was last weekend, and can I say that I'm glad that it's over. My fingers can finally rest from practicing atleast 1-4 hours a day at the piano. In between that time I got a new calling in the Relief Society--2nd counselor. Then the president left on vacation, the 1st counselor's father had a heart attack, then a stroke. After two weeks they finally sent him home, only to have him airlifted a second time back to the hospital to discover he had had 10 mini strokes. And, we had no secretary. So for roughly 2 1/2 weeks, I was the RS presidency. I can't put a table cloth on straight to save my life--and I don't do fake flowers. What am I going to do? Call a table specialist, that's what! Hayden had the performace of his life at the Creche festival Primary Choir. Let's just say that you could hear him over the whole choir of 80 children. And there were hand motions going on(Stars were Gleaming). I'll try to post some videos of it. I can't tell you how many people have told me that they enjoyed Hayden's performance. He does know all the words. Anywho, Hope all is going well for everyone. Love ya and miss you all

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Alright, alright, alright!
I guess I could start posting again. Life has just been so crazy--literally. I fell off the band wagon when I got pregnant. I was so tired. Then it got even worse when I miscarried. That can totally wipe you out. Then recovering and I thought I would post. Then Landon had his first seizure on Monday. That was a little concerning since it lasted over 15 min., he was having difficulty breathing and didn't stop until we were in the Er and they gave him seizure medication. Then 1/2 of his body quit working--1/2 smile, etc. Five hours later, he was good as new. Miracle!
We visited a new children's hospital and one other hospital. That was exciting. So life is pretty much going good now. Hopefully back to normal. I'm still tired, but hanging in there. Our ward is so good. Even though I was fine, they still brought over some meals--YUM!
Sigh--there, I posted!
Love you all

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Monday, May 25, 2009

Hayden's got talent/Easter giggles and a monumental moment

Hayden participated in our ward He did a great job.
Hope you enjoy

AND--We're moving!!!

Yes, it's true. The Mayers have found another place of residence after 5 years. Count them(I have). We're so excited. It's a little bungalow not too far from our place now. It has tons of character and a little more space(about 1100 sq.ft.) So in roughly a month we will be tripling our living space!!! I think we are all excited, but Serge takes the cake. In case you don't know, bungalow is one of his favorite styles. The house was built in 1907, but it's had a few upgrades--like wood floors. We feel very blessed to have found it and that the people who are renting it to us are giving it to us for a steal.

Lastly, I have to give an update on Landon. We have decided to wait a while for his next surgery--probably as long as we can. He is doing great. He's taken to eating lately. Just last night he finished his first jar of baby food EVER!
And it only took him two sittings. For Landon, that's huge. He also has discovered he likes juice from a bottle and his favorite are smoothies by daddy and otter pops(banana flavor). He's just so fun right now. Here is a video of him at Easter time. He loves the sound of things-- and Easter eggs are no exception.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Being a good brother.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

They are so cute when they are asleep. Landon is signing I love you.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

We visited Cal Poly you pick strawberry patch and had a great time. I forgot that we live in a city--that hasn't happened for a long time. Hayden would not stop picking, even after we had 1/2 a flat. Landon enjoyed kicking it in his stroller and was talking away.

Monday, April 27, 2009

It's about time

Well, I guess I should make my post for this quarter. GRRR, right now I'm hearing the helecoptors again. Anywho. We are all doing swell. The boys have been sick, I have been sick and Serge has been sick--what is up with sickness? And how about the swine flu? I can't believe there are cases in Claremont. Please, don't let us get the swine flu!
Sigh. Landon is recovering well. We went to see his cardiothorastic surgeon(Dr. Razzuk). He said that Landon's lung pressures are great--a mean of 8(anything under 15 is very good). So he recomments that we have the next surgery. In the Fontan surgery, they will connect all of Landon's lower extremities to the main artery going to the lungs. As many of you will recall, the last surgery connected all of the blood from the chest up to the lung artery). They also found a small amount of blood flow in the pulminary artery and so they are recommending tying it off at the valve. Kind of crazy. However, he then told us in the next sentence that we don't have to do it right away. Infact, Landon has until his 3rd birthday to have the next surgery. And since he's not even two yet--we can relax for a few months.
So with that said, we have decided to stay in California for an indefinate period. We figure that Serge has a good job, with good insurance(I like that thing)and it's stable for right now. Serge has also started doing some side jobs with Architecture on his own. And, we have six weeks to go until graduation--June 14th. Landon's B-day and Serge's graduation celebration.
And so, my friends, we are in need of another place of residence. Yes, we are actively looking for a house to rent. I can't believe it--and I know that this time, it's for real. Can I just say "sweet land of liberty!" We however, I don't think that people know that there is an economic crisis happening.
For instance, I was driving around in La Verne(I know, it's a little uppity, but it's safe) and I saw a house for rent. I called and they guy, who didn't speak English that well, told me that it was a 4 bdr. 3 ba. and they wanted $2800/mo, plus deposit. Seriously. Sir, if I could affort that rent, I would buy a house. Honestly! But that's not the largest rent I saw. People in Ladera Ranch(Mission Viejo) want $6000/mo. I still gasp every time I think of it.
So we're willing to wait until the right house, with kind, honest people say that they would love a great family to take care of the home they have loved but need to rent it out because they have been called on a mission. Or, the house that grandma used to live in and she just can't take care of it any more and can't bear to see it rented to people who won't take care of it.
And, last but not least--I had the time of my life this last Saturday at the Annual Ladera Ranch garage sale. We propbably hit around 75 this year. At first we were a little dissappointed. However, our regulars came through for us. We found a great leather couch that has its own little miracle story.
I am always amazed that people don't know the value of things. We found(not that we bought it. We don't need it and we have to practice restraint) a gorgeous black Pottery Barn kitchen table with six matching chairs. It was in perfect condition and the people were asking $100 for it--or, make an offer! Can you believe that? We decided next year we are coming with a Uhaul. we saw beautiful furniture SETS that people were getting rid of just because they can, for $500.
We gave Hayden $5 and he made out with some great swords and toys. It was fun trying to persuade him to buy certain things and then he would declare he was going to "save it" for something else. I think people gave him great deals, just because he had his own money and he was so cute.
Landon is the happiest sick kid I've ever seen in the day time. However, at night time, he is a MONSTER! Usually Serge can sleep through anything, but not Landon lately. I don't know what to do, but if I don't start getting some sleep, I'm going to become Cruela Devil. Cheers!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Went fine. Doing fine except for a sore throat and pain.

Landon in surgery for his heart catherization now. Will know results soon-about an hour

Saturday, March 28, 2009

At the zoo today

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What's a mom to say?

so you all know that I have the cutest kids around--pretty much. Anywho, um there are always people wanting to talk to them. Hayden is SUPER shy. He doesn't respond. I don't force him, but encourage. Then I say that he is shy and doensn't want to talk to strangers. Fine, problem solved.
Then there's Landon. He's a very cute kid. When we're anywhere, people try to talk to him. He hears a new voice and he covers his eyes and averts them. They try to wave at him and get him to respond. He doesn't. Then they ask me, "Is he tired?" Well, um, usually kids who are tired rub their eyes, but that's not what he's doing. Then a lady asked me yesterday it he was angry. Hello? My Landon angry? So then I said very bluntly, "well, he's actually legally blind." That pretty much embarrasses everybody that I tell that to, because you can't tell and the fact that he doesn't sit up, everyone assumes that he's tired and laying down. Well, he's not tired, but I'm tired of people asking if he's tired and then I have to explain that he's blind and then they try to act like . . .blah, blah, blah. I'm not mad, but I don't want to make people uncomfortable. What should I say.
a)them: oh is he tired?
me: no, he's just blind.

b) them: Oh is he tired?
me: yep.
c) them: you know what they say
me: just leave him alone, o.k.?

Help! Any suggestions? I'm not being oversensitive am I? And Landon doesn't care if I discuss it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Don't get too excited, it's 11pm and I'm loosing steam quick.
Just wanted to let you know that we're still alive. It's just that I have been saving my energy for all of those trips to Disneyland. Since Landon doesn't like me to leave him alone with anyone buy myself and Daddy, I can't escape to the gym.
He did get his cast off--Yeah!!! It was only on fro two weeks and he's good as new--thank heavens. He has been having a spot of bad luck with colds this winter. I don't know what is up with Cali weather.
Um, Hayden. . . well, he's still hilarious and smart. The other day we asked him what he wanted to be and he said, "um . . .a holy ghost." I just looked at him for a second and then started laughing. Where does he come up with these things. I think he's on the verge of figuring out CVC words. He's doing better. Still can't write his name(except for the H).
Serge has taken on another part time job. It kind of fell into our lap and he's enjoying it. He's designing for a contractor in our ward. Currently he's designing a back house. He's got one more week to go and then finals and then---One MORE SEMESTER! AND, he's also trying desperately to find a job. We want to move out of state, but just need a good job to motivate us. We don't know where we really want to go, so if anyone has any suggestions of cool places to live, I would LOVE to hear them.
Me, well, I've been trying to keep up with Dr.'s appointments and stuff. Landon's eye Dr. said his sight is improving. Still, he's 20/2000--which is still blind, but he's coming along. We go to see the Cardiologist(Dr. Kuhn) this month. Still don't have surgery scheduled. And, I have almost completed a queen sized quilt top. I like it--pink and brown theme. Pretty cute, if you ask me.
So that's our update, and as soon as I find where Serge has the camera, I'll put a picture up.

Friday, January 30, 2009

The mother of the year

Well, that title won't be coming to adorn my wall or my car bumper anytime soon. Here's the scoop. I broke Landon's leg. It's true. I'm shaking my head now.
Sigh. The boy who is just learning how to walk with a walker, the sweet, innocent boy who kicks when he's happy and digs his toes into you so hard that they give your belly bruise--yep, that one, has a broken leg.
The story. I was playing with him on the changing table. You know, the usual nursery rhymes and then a tickle. We've been practicing pulling him up to a sitting position and strengthening the neck muscles. So that's what I did. Only I didn't notice that his leg had scooted down between the bar. I picked him up and he have a wild shriek. Usually he has a high pain tolerance. After he was crying for 30 min. I called Serge. he came home and we decided to see how he fared for a while. Landon calmed down and was kicking, but he still was favoring the leg and would jump if we touched either leg.
So this morning I took him to the pediatrician. She sent us for x-rays and then we ended up in the ER for a splint because he has a fracture just above the ankle. Is that the saddest story you've ever heard? What kind of a mom breaks her own kid's leg?
Sigh--me. We see an orthopedic Dr. on Monday.
Hayden has a barking cough and an ear infection. Oh goody!
Good things that came out of this.
1. I only spent 1 hour in the Er. Yep, from check in to check out--one hour! That truly is amazing folks!
2. I have experienced having a child break a bone. Now we are through with that--I hope.
3. Serge came home early today and yesterday.
4. I love to see the look of terror and trying not to panic when new nurses put a pulsox on Landon and see it in the 70's. Even in the ER when they're trained not to panic
5. Landon will not have to use his walker for a few weeks--he really doesn't like that thing and screams almost the whole time.
6. I learned yet another routine in the health care industry. So if any of you break a bone in your family, feel free to ask questions.

Now, I am going to sleep--since being in a Dr's office since 9:45am until 5 is a little exhausting.

Poor Landon. Yet he's so chipper. What a great example!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Dear Helecopters,
I am sick of you all. I don't know what it is about helecopters. I used to think you were pretty cool. My best friend used to have one in her back yard. We would play in it, even though we were not supposed to. I guess there was just something about a blue helecopter without doors that was just irresistable.
However, I'm not so excited about you all now. It seems that EVERY night we have at least one that feels inclined to circle over the house--for, oh say, 30 minutes! Of course, I am the only one awake in my house at this time. Sometimes it shakes the windows. Sometimes not. And yet, never fail, at abou 10 or 11pm, you make your appearance.
So here are my suggestions.
1. pick some other place to be.
2. could you get the people you are looking for in perhaps one night a week?
3. phone me so that I can know what the heck you are looking for.

Thanks ever so much.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A poem for Liz

I had a great time at Liz's Birthday Jubilee 2009. We had a poetry reading. We each had to write a peom for Liz. Here's mine. Love ya Liz!

Happ-happity Birthday Liz

Woman, Wo-man,
You are so chummy
And super funny
Your hair is nice and curly,
But never looks squirrelly
Your poetry rocks
And should be shouted from tall blocks
Your talents are amazing
Do you like to pass time star gazing?
This is your Birthday Jubilee
Thanks for sharing it with your friends—especially me!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

So Hayden is starving at 5 pm and I know we're not eating for a while. so I offer him the fishy crackers that have been in my purse for a while. He asks me once to "warm them up." I kindly explain to him that we don't warm up crackers.
Next he says to me, "mom, these fishy crackers smell like. . . like . . . like. . . mirrors."
Me: What?
Hayden: Like mirrors.
So I smelled them. They smelled like my purse. Yuck.
After a few more mintes Hayden asks me again, "mom, can you warm these fishies up, they smell bad.

Landon is doing good. He weighs a ton and is learning about voice inflection. someimtes I get yelled at. Right now he's picking my nose with his pinky. Thought you'd want to know.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

I think I have said this before, but if I don't write it down, it's like I'm not really dealing with what's happening in my life. let's just say that it's been so busy. We had a great time over the Hollidays. We left the 19th to go to my mom's. The next day we got up to go to Beaver for the annual Yardley Family Party. A word that comes to mind is "hoot". We ate and then the kids played games. My favorite was musical chairs. The only ones allowed to play were the kids and their grandparent(my mom and her brothers). In the end, it was only my mom and her brothers left. It was hysterical watching them strategize. I didn't know that they could all move so fast. I laughed so hard when my mom sat on poor Spencer(5) twice! Serge was asked to fill in for a Red jolly giant at the last minute. He did a great job. My favorite was when Hayden immediatly went up to him and asked, "dad is that you?" None of the yardley kids knew him and so Serge said loudly, "no-I'm Santa, Ho Ho Ho! Now go sit down." Hayden obeyed and so did the other kids.
Then we rushed back Sunday to Charlotte's house so we could be ready for Oliver returning from his mission the next day. Brent and Irene had some difficulty finding the keys to their car, etc and so we were glad we had stayed in Vegas. He has changed so much. Love how missions do that.
The next few days were busy. Serge put on two new doors for my mom, put up a ceiling fan for Char and Brandon and then we painted their downstairs. It is now deemed, "the fun house." It is very lively and super cute.
Char's girls are adorable. Sydney is the spitting image of her dad--with a bow added for extra beauty. She is a mothering type. She is starting to talk-or rather WANTING to talk. She does talk, you just can't understand what she says. Sadie is equally as cute, but is definatly resembling the Yardley clan. She loved Landon's hair and would stroke it any chance she got. She gives the best hugs an aunt could ask for. Both of these girls LOVE their Grandma Hauver and she loves it!
Oliver reported his mission that Sunday and then we drove back home along with Chris and cija's clan. Let's just say that 7 hours is not the shortest time it has taken me to get home from Vegas.
We've just been to Disneyland today and had a wonderful time. We've been sick for a while--since the beginning of our trip and frankly are just worn out. This past year has been good to us. For the most part, we are healthy and definately happy.
Landon is going to have another swallow study done on Monday. Hopefully this one will produce some results--I pray! We are going to see the Cardiologist in February. Soon after then, we will schedule a echocardiogram, a cath and then surgery(hopefully) He's getting so big--25lbs! We had to get a pass at Disneyland because I can't carry him everywhere. He melts my heart with his smile though.
Hayden is such a good helper. I love having him help me with chores. He loves spending time with his dad. If I can't figure something out(usually some toy of his that needs fixing) he says, my dad will fix that when he comes home. And even though Serge doesn't know it, he is totally comitted when he does come home.
Two more quarters to go for Serge. June, June, June June---then what? We're looking for a job. Hope there are some left when we get there. I have hope that there will be.
Me, I'm loving my projects. I also will be studying the organ--since no one else in the world seems to play. Sigh--the joys of knowing music.