Saturday, November 10, 2007

Potty Training and other Adventures

Well, Let's just get it out of the way and say that potty training is about as much fun as riding in a hot air balloon only to discover that you forgot to go to the bathroom before you left the ground. I decided to let Hayden go naked the first day. That worked great except we were land locked inside our house.(We did have a couple of escapes to the mail box--I wonder what the neighbors think) However, there were no accidents. It was really a joyous day. Hayden learned where we keep our stache of M&M's and all was great. Then day two arrived. Before I even got out of bed, Hayden had pooped in his diaper. Well, not big deal--since he had held it all day yesterday, I thought we were bound to have it happen. I didn't scold, just encouraged. I think that's what you're supposed to do. Then, by noon we had had two more accidents and I had a Dr.'s appointment to get to. Let's just say that I took the sissy way out and put on a diaper.
This I did to save myself any humiliation in public. It seems everywhere I go, people are dying to help me. I know I must look a sight. Hayden has learned to hold onto my back to get down from the shopping carts and I have learned that if you don't want Landon to throw up, you constantly hold him. Then, when we go to the Dr.'s office, I have to strap Hayden in the double stroller, just to keep him in one spot. I have learned that candy usually works--unless you're waiting for the GI Dr. and then as soon as he walks in, your son spills skittles all over the floor.:)I could just imagine Hayden having an accident in a Dr.'s office and decided to take the safe route.
Day three--I decide to go back to naked. It was working great. Our morning had just begun. Hayden was playing in the bathroom, right by the toilet, I was getting Landon's feed ready when I hear Hayden yelling for me. He ran out of the bathroom looking scared. I thought he had seen a spider or something. Nope. He had pooped on the bathroom rug and it scared him to death. So I said to myself, "Self, he's just not ready."
Day Four--We wake up, Hayden is playing and then he says, "mommy, I need to go poop." I thought he was joking, however, he was not. Is there any rhyme or reason to potty training? Don't applaud yet. After that, he doesn't want to go potty much, however, he keeps saying that he wants a bike, which is what daddy promised if he would go poop in the potty about a month ago. He has an amazing memory.
Halloween was so much fun for him. When we explained the holliday, he said, "Let's go Halloween, put the candy in the pumpkin!" It totally reminded me of Jerry Seignfeild's story--"Bing-Bong. I'm superman, look at the pants."

As for myself, I am just treading water. We are still having GI issues. Everyone pray that landon will not react to my breastmilk by bleeding. We need him to learn how to eat and he will not drink from a bottle. I am amazed at the little temper he has developed where eating is concerned. He has flat out let me know that he's not interested in a bottle, no matter how I try. We have been off breastmilk for three weeks and are just about to reintroduce it. I believe in miracles, if it's the Lord's will.
Serge is super busy. We're on week seven, I think. Only three or four left to go. He made hayden a toddler's bed. Ofcourse, it duos as a couch. Hayden loves it and even though it's not totally finished, he sleeps in it. We have just some sanding left to do and some design for the back board.
Landon is growing. He is almost holding his head up. He's at least 11 lbs. and that is something. He actually has bum cheeks! We've been waiting so long for this to happen. It's a big deal for him. If only mommy's could give away some of their rear ends, this could've happened a long time ago. He smiles a ton when you talk to him. He really is such a blessing to have in our home.