Thursday, January 3, 2008

The New Year

OKay, okay!
it's a new year's resolution of mine to write more frequently on the blog. So here goes. . . We enjoyed spending thanksgiving in Logandale at my mom's house. It was Landon's first big trip and he hated every second in his car seat. Hayden loved it at Grandma Hauver's house. Let's just say there was plenty to keep him busy--including a whole cupboard full of pots and pans. My favorite footage of it is of him playing with them all strewn out all over the kitchen and pretending like he was flipping burgers with a fly swatter. I guess he couldn't reach the spatulas. Second highlight of the trip was the shopping the day after. Let's just say that Serge went out all on his own and got some amazing deals the I loved.
Sooner than we expected Serge finished finals. He just amazes me. How he pulls almost a 4.o is beyond me.
For Christmas and the new year we spent it at home. My mom came on Christmas eve, which was so fun. I know it probably wasn't much of a vacation for her as I was always asking her to hold Landon or see what Hayden was into, but I loved it.
Hayden was so much fun this year. I must tell you that during present opening he did get sent to time out two times and ended up in tears more than that. He thought every present should be opened by him. I guess I didn't explain the tag thing enough. He got a little computer a trike and games. If you ask him what Santa brought him, he'll tell you he brought two candy canes--wich is true. On Christmas Eve, Santa himself stopped by and brought him a candy cane. It was great!--the other candy cane came from Santa at our Ward Christmas Party.
landon gave us a Christmas present on the 23rd of Dec. He laughed! it was soft and kind of sounded like one of the seven dwarfs, but it was priceless. What was the thing that got him laughing you ask? It was daddy asking him if he was poopy--I guess it runs in the family, as that was the phrase that always made Hayden smile.
As for me, I'm just me, trying to get through the day. I must comment on my favorite commercial,--has anyone seen the advertisement for Ikea lately? "Start the car!. . . WOOOH" Yeah, I can totally relate.
One funny story about Hayden. I took him shopping after Christmas at Kohl's. They were taking their displays down and putting up new ones. I had both kids securely strapped into the double stroller. There was a guy in the isle working and I tried to manouver around him. Just as I get next to him, Hayden leans down and takes a swipe at him, not once, but twice. The guy looks up and just starts laughing--thanks for the encouragement buddy! I am apologizing profusely and trying to disciplin at the same time. let's just say that Hayden and no nap equals a very dare devilish child who doesn't listen to mommy or his conscience!. I needed to find a cheap Christmas tablecloth for next year. so I head down that isle to look. As I am lookin g hayden is unloading the nearest shelf. So I tell him we're going home. Next I try to torpedo down an isle, hoping there wouldn't be anyone in the isle--what luck, no one was in the towel isle. So I head down it. Half way down Hayden reaches out and swipes a towel off of the shelf and then as I skid to a stop, a washcloth. I start in with, "Hayden! you can't take things off the shelfs." to which he responds in a serious and argumentative voice, "It was on sale!" I looked up at the spot where he got them and sure enough, he was right. HMMM. I guess I trained him well?


Liz said...

I'm glad to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas!

And I'm also glad to hear about your New Year's Resolution to post more.

I LOVE your stories and updates!

Ry Tam & Fam said...

What a very funny and very very smart kid you have there ;) What a hoot! I too am glad to hear about your resolution! I always enjoy so much reading what you write. In fact you are quite good at it. Inevitably you have me laughing or crying, usually both ;)

Love you glad to hear you had a good Christmas! Hang in there Buddy! Your doing GREAT!!!

Gina said...

The Hayden story cracks me up, particularly since I used to see you and Hayden almost every week at Target. It cracked me up!!!!