Friday, January 25, 2008

Spreadin' the news

So I spoke with the GI doctor. He said the results of the PH probe showed that Landon did have reflux, but it is not severe enough to make the nissen (surgery so they can't throw up) necessary. It was still an option if we wanted it.
We thought and prayed about it and feel that the less we have to have done permanence, the better. We will have to have him in the hospital, hopefully, only for the surgery and then 24 hours for observation. I hate to put another tube in him, but I feel that it's the route we have to go.
I met this week with an OT specialist. She is going to come to our home once a week for OT (helping him eat) and then once for PT--helping him meet his milestones. She told me she wants me to stop breastfeeding for seven days. i just looked at her like she was crazy. Anywho, I'm not in the mood for a bashing session. I've made it for two days and don't think I'll last much longer.
Landon is really improving in so many areas. I think he is really starting to see more. He follows lights more consistently and some contrasting colored objects. I can't wait for the day when I know he sees my face.
Hayden is Hayden--into everything. He has only had two poop accidents this week. I'm amazed. Today he went to the bathroom and I had run out of M&M's, so we switched to skittles. After nap he woke up and announced that he needed skittles. I told him he would have to go to the bathroom. He did and ate his skittles quickly. Then he demanded more. I told him he'd have to go potty more. Let's just say that in a period of about three minutes he had taken himself to the bathroom at least five times and couldn't understand why I wouldn't give him more candy. Finally, in desperation, I set the timer for 15min.. We'll get there some day. Serge continues to be busy with school and work. Seven more weeks to go!

We'll keep you posted as to when, hopefully next week, we have the tube placed.

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