Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hayden and M&M's

let's just say that Hayden had a major breakthrough. Well--we hope. Last night 1/2 way through he decided to go poop on his potty. That was a fun clean up that involved a shower. Then this morning he actually went! Yeah! we'll see how we keep it up, but we are so proud of him.
Tomorrow Serge starts school. I think the only good thing about this quarter is that we only have 18 months to go until graduation!


Wendy said...

I keep telling CT that once he turns 3 there will be no more diapers. He just isn't interested in the whole toilet thing, so I have to draw the line somewhere. I refuse to be one of those people buying size 6 diapers. Size 4 is my limit! You out grow that, you outgrow diapers all together! We'll see how this works out for us...

Amanda said...

way to go with two entries back to back. I always check in and am so glad to feel connected. Love you! Good luck with the potty training! GO HAYDEN!