Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What's happening?

Well, here is another update of what's going on. Landon has an Echocardio gram tomorrow--wed. and then an appointment with the cardiologist. We will determine from there when we want to schedule the heart catheder(measures pressures by going in through the groin and then shooting dye into the heart). I'm guessing we'll do that in February. From there we will determine when we will have our third open heart surgery--connecting all of the blood draining from the head and neck to the pulminary artery T(he doesn't use the PA trunk any more). I'm guessing in March or April.
Landon had five shots today. Let's just say that he and I are miserable. I hate these days, but they're worth it in the long run. I couldn't figure out why he was barfing so much today and then I saw that he had a temp of 99.4. Poor thing.
We found out today that we will probably have the G tube(for feeding) placed on Friday. I don't know whether Serge will be able to get out of work and school. I'm gearing up to do it alone. Thank heavens Amy said she will take Hayden. I guess Landon may have to be in the hospital a little bit more than 24 hrs like I had anticipated. Since he has had so many complications they want to do it down in the OR with general anesthesia instead of IV sedation. I think it is wise too. So as soon as we get an ok from anesthesia we will schedule it. They said it looks like we'll take him in Thursday night and then have it done Friday and hopefully we'll be home on Saturday afternoon.

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Amanda said...

My prayers are with you guys!! I just love you guys. Thanks for the updates.
I think about you guys everyday and wonder how you are holding up with Hayden that particular day. Give him a kiss for me will you? And Landon too!