Thursday, January 17, 2008


the update is that there is no update--yet. We are still waiting to hear the results of the PH probe. It was safely removed yesterday--it is not realy harmful. We made it out fime, except landon't least favorite thing in the world is getting tape ripped off of his face. Poor thing. So when we find out, we'll let you know--unless I pretend it's not happening and then I try not to write anything.
We saw Neurology and Nephrologiest doctors on Wed. nerurology said that his muscle tone is improving, but landon is still weak in his neck and trunk. He has made progress, but we're functioning on about a 3 month old level. Nephrology(kidney doctor) said that his blood pressure is a little high. Did you know that blood pressure is related to kidneys? Well, aparently 111/45 is not high enough to increase his dose of Captopril, so I guess that's good. HHHHHMM, sigh. One day at a time.
Hayden is Hayden--into everything. He is such a little boy now. He always wants to answer the phone. He usually says Hi and then says, "can you call me back? O.K. talk to you later, Bye." I guess he hears me say that a lot.


Amanda said...

I feel like calling now so Hayden will answer for me. I just love talking to him on the phone. Not that he says much to me, but I can just imagine the looks that he is giving. He's such a cutie.
Let us know how it goes with Landon. I'm glad you have this blog to update us.
Lots of love your way!

Liz said...

Poor Landon! Who doesn't hate getting taped pulled off their face!

Prayers, prayers, and more prayers for you...

Ry Tam & Fam said...

Oh sweet little Landon! I don't blame him about the tape! Oh what a crazy time for you! That Hayden is SOOO smart and so funny! What a crazy time for you right now. Keep on buddy! We love you!

You are all in our prayers!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the update that wasn't an update. It's still good to hear the progress, even if there isn't much to report.

I'm with Hayden on the phone thing. Most of the time I want to say, "Hi, can you call me back later," too.

And you would think that with so many great minds on the earth someone would be able to come up with a better way to attach things to a baby's face then with tape.