Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Potty Stories

So as many of you may know, Hayden has avoided the potty since Landon got his G-tube(for those of you who can't remember--Feb). We've tried and tried to entice him. Loli-pops--no good. His own Jelly-belly machine--worked for a try on the potty only.
Well, we just returned from costco and diapers for both of the kids came to a whopping total of $99. When I saw the total I said--this is your last pack of diapers. We discussed things we some ways that we could get him motivated.
Hayden: Well, If I go potty, maybe I could get --What?
Me: well, Maybe you could get twenty motorcycles. What do you thing?
Hayden: Um, yeah. Then I could give Grandma Hauver back her motorcycle. (my om got him a motorcycle last time she was here) Maybe I could give it to her for Christmas. Then I could get my new motorcycle and put new batteries in it.
Me: (thinking to myself--what does this have to do with going poop in the potty? Boy can he change the subject fast!)I try to re-focus him, but it doesn't work. Sigh.
Hayden goes on and on. In the car he says to me: Mommy, thank you for getting me a new motorcycle. You're such a good boy.


Emily said...

That Hayden is huge on personality! I know where he gets it from! :)
I would love to get him and Myra together....they would have lots to talk about!!

Love your posts!

Tam said...

Ok I have got some catching up to do! I hear ya about the scriptures and putting the Lord first! He does do keep his promises that I do know. OH but I am so sorry that 5:30am is the only possible time! I promise the kids will grow fast and you will soon be able to have a little quiet time to read and study AFTER they are awake.;)

Oh your Mom! I love what you wrote about your Mom! I also admire how steady and strong she is. And I have attended her ward more than once and she is doing fabulous on that organ!! Way better than I could ever do! I'm so proud of her! She has always been such an amazing example to me! I could never thank her enough! I love you Mary!

Oh that Hayden and ouch the price of diapers! DANG!!! I'm sorry he hasn't been easier to train oh but what a funny kid. I'm with Em he is huge on personality, I'm sure it will serve him well throughout life! Oh and I like the sleeping picture too those are cute!

Love ya!