Monday, May 26, 2008

Dear friends

Dearest friends,
Please let me share your blog with others.
let me explain. I am teaching a class to ladies in our ward this Saturday for our "Super Saturday" activity. I want to show them all of your ideas and fun stuff--but only briefly. I hope that is o.k. with you. If you would rather not, well, I guess I won't, but know that I really want to.


Anonymous said...

What little bit I have contributed you are most welcome to share. If you are telling them the benifits of blogging, its the best way to see what everyone is doing without being there. Since we are such a global generation and society any more, it't hard to be with your friends and family all the time and spend quality day-to-day time with them, and you get to make new friends (like you). Do it! Vicki

Rachel said...

Sure. Especially since I can't be there to help out with the crochet class.

Tam said...

Very Fun! Go right ahead I'm an open book ;) Let me know how it goes! Oh and by the way sorry i'm such a bad friend. I was totally thinking of you on Tuesday! But didn't get to the computer to even drop you an email and wish you a Happy Birthday! I did see your mom and had a nice little visit with her on Monday at the cemetary. We are at my mom's this week!

Love ya, hope you had a fab day!!!!!

AJ says... said...

hey--I have been anxiously waiting to hear how your teaching/sharing went.
Please do tell!