Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What do we do?

Well, just incase some of you wonder what we do in a day, here goes some highlights.
6:00--Hayden yells, "Dad, are you going to work? Oh, you are? o.k., have a good day!" and then goes back to sleep.
7:00--Hayden yells, "mommy, is it time to get up?" mommy yells back, "no." Hayden goes back to sleep, but Landon wakes up. Mommy transferrs both boys into bed and we all go back to sleep!
8:45--Landon is done sleeping. We get up, dressed and fed.
11:30--finally get out of the house to go to dad's school.
12:00--switch kids to dad's car, park mom's car in the faculty parking spot so I can pull the Honda out. Pull the Toyota out and park it. Get in to the Honda to pull it into the spot, only to have some young whippersnapper pull in to the parking spot. Drive around for five minutes praying no one turns me in for leaving my kids in a parked car while searching for a parking spot. Finally find a spot about 80 yards away. Sprint back to the kids.
12:30--Take Serge's car to get smogged. The first place has no tech. Take it to another spot. They can do it. Chat with some bikers while we wait. Hayden is totally enthralled with their motorcycles.
1:00--pick up lunch for Serge
1:30--pick up prints for Serge's project at work
1;45--deliver Serge's design
2:00--head home and get kids to sleep, schedule appointments, etc.
3:00--clean out Serge's car, which was starting to imbarrass ME because it looked like he was homeless and all he owned was in his car.
4:00--take Serge's car to gas it up and then wash it.
5:30--take Serge's car back to him at School and let Hayden see the Horses.
6:00--Go to Patties for burritos-YUM!
7:00--head home for the night, put Landon down and bathed Hayden, since he had peed his pants, underwear, socks and you name it on his lower extremities.
8:00--watch American Idol
9:00--Serge calls to say he's coming home. Hayden demands to talk to him, "Where are you at?! Oh, you're on Foothill, ok." Read scriptures, play with Hayden and go to bed.
9:30, I try to have a few moments to myself. Sigh.


Liz W. said...

Wow. You are a very giving person. You make my day look like a selfish-fest.

You amaze me!

Wendy said...

Even though all of that sounds frantic, I know those big things aren't even all the things that make a day a lot of work. I sympathize with your day because I'm imagining how many other things you had to deal with in all of that. At least you got them to sleep until 8:45.

Mortensen Family said...

Sara, I love how you write. The lady who sold her kids poke man cards on E bay, has nothing over on you! ☺

Parenting is crazy. Even when you don't have a husband in school and a baby who requires as much time/energy as yours. You amaze me!

Hang in there, you are an example to us all!

Love ya, Emily

Mortensen Family said...
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Ry Tam & Fam said...

Hey looks like me and my sis think a like! As I was reading I was thinking that you make a very hard frantic day seem very entertaining to read! I too love the way you write! Although I started to get very tired for you about halfway through;) and you didn't even mention the diaper changes and things in between all that! Hope all is well!

Love you lots and lots!