Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Under the weather

So amazingly enough, Landon has an awful cold with a yucky cough. We missed our RSV shot this month because of an authorization mix up. anywho, he has an awful bark. If it continues, we will have to postpone surgery. Keep him in your prayers, I know you usually do.
Serge is on Spring break. For the last two days he has come home before five, we have eaten dinner as a family, and then gone out to do something together. I love daylight savings time. I asked Serge, "is this what it's like for families who just go to work and doun't have to worry about school and projects. They actually get to see eachother?" I am loving it. Ofcourse, next week will be different, but I'm enjoying it.
We planted a garden yesterday. We cut down on tomatoes, as we don't know if we're going to be here for the summer. By cutting down, I mean only three tomato plants, along with some peppermint, cilantro, Italian sweet basil and a red bell pepper. I really love gardening. Hayden then wanted to drown all of the plants. I tried to train him that you don't actually put the water directly on the plant full blast. It was a new concept for him. When he was done he said, "that was a good boy watering." He kept repeating it until I somewhat agreed with him.
Landon's head is getting stronger. He still doesn't hold it up for long periods of time, but he can do it. His endurance is improving. I tell you what, the second coming has a whole new meaning for me now--along with the resurrection.

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