Friday, March 28, 2008

precious moments

So it turns out that landon has the beginnings of an ear infection. so we're on some anti-biotics. Which, really, I'm glad of. I hope it kicks what's in his chest too. He's getting better. Today we have the EKG scheduled. I'll talk to the nurses and see what the recomment, as far as if we should still hold for the 1st of April. Through it all, however, Landon is still smiling.
Last night we were sitting down to dinner. We were having honey BBQ wings with salad(I know, it's healthy). I think it's the first time that Hayden has eaten chicken off the bone. Well, about two wings in, he asks,
Hayden: Mommy
Me: Yes Hayden
Hayden: Do doggies eat bones?
Me: Yes
Hayden: And der lick der bums?
Me: raise eyebrows and pause. Yes
Hayden: O.K. Back to eating wings
Me: Pause. laugh hysterically with Serge.
I know I never brought that up, so where in the heck does he get that???

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