Monday, March 10, 2008


Gala(Gay`la)--an event for the rich to give of their dough, and make the Mayers very uncomfortable.
So we were asked a while ago to share our experience of Landon's care in the hospital. They video taped Landon and I. Of course I droned on and on, but they deleted most of it. So next the foundation contacted me to let me know that they had the video and I could view it. It actually was very well done. I loved that they put the part in where I was crying. Thanks! It did have to do with my amazement of our surgeon, Dr. Razzuk, praying with us before surgery. So anywho, I didn't think that much about the Gala, until about two weeks ago.
Joanna, the director, contacted me and asked if we would be able to attend. I talked to Serge and we agreed. We had done something similar for the Ronald McDonald house in speaking about Landon's progress and the care we received at LLUMC. Well, when we spoke at the gold tournament for RMH(Ronald McDonald House) it was a little nerve racking, but everybody had been out golfing all day. They sold some things for around $2000, and were jesting to each other that it was the cheapest B-Day present they could give their wife. I was shocked that someone would give their wife that hefty of a birthday gift.
Let's just say that the Gala was about, um 200% more uppity, if that's possible. So it said "black tie optional." And so I was thinking --A dress, Serge can wear his tie. Serge was thinking, I could put on some khaki's, but eventually decided for his suit, without the coat. Well, we soon found out that , "Black tie optional," actually means--tuxedo is optional.
We pull into the parking lot in our humble white, stick shift Honda civic, and right behind us pulls in a limo. Did you know that Jaguar makes a limo? I learned this on Sunday. Yep. It felt like the the Emmy's
Um, we were seated and got settled in with our stroller. There were roughly about 1,000 people there, all decked out in evening gowns and tuxes. We had dinner, at $200/plate. Sigh. (what I could do with $200. The entertainment was amazing, A Lady from New Zealand, singing with an Italian--WOW! It was like the freaking Emmy's. Then they had a live auction. The first item was golfing for four--went for $12,0000. Yes, no lie. The next item was a trip to the Beijing Olympics for six. --$10,000.
Oh, when we were eating, a couple came up and asked if they could sit next to us. I told them sure. I said, "this is the loud table. We are the only one with kids here." This size 2 of a woman said, "you don't scare me, I have seven!" I laughed. She later told us she was MC and asked us how to pronounce our name. I asked her how one gets the job of MCing something like this. She smiled and said she usually does it every other year. That was the end of it. Later they introduced her as Mary Park, anchor on Chanel 4 news. woops! I had no idea.
Needless to say, our little part went well. Landon was a doll. Hayden got to eat lots of candy to help him sit still:) and I didn't vomit or pee my pants. (How do I get myself roped into things like this?!)
Let's just say that I shall probably never attend something like this again in my life time, but gave me something to write in my journal about.


Liz W. said...

Holy Moly! What a fancy pants event!! Oh, how I wish you were able to take pictures.

I can't even fathom how people can spend money on such things. It almost makes you sick at the extravagence of it all. At least it was for a worthy cause...

Gina said...

So, did you guys speak at it? Did they present you with something? It sounds so fantastic. you and Serge are definitely the right people for this kind of thing because you are strong people with faith and genuine gratitude for all that's been provided to you. How cool!!!

themayerfamily said...

We actually did speak, for about 5 min. We updated them about Landon and then gave lots of thanks to Loma Linda for all of their help. Let's just say it was a bunch of bright lights.

Wendy said...

Wow. And you had kids with you! You know they pick you guys for these things because you and your baby are so darn cute.

Amanda said...

I think the person who bought the tickets to the Olympics should have donated 4 of them to your little family. I'm not dying to go to China, but I'd really travel almost anywhere if it was free!
You are even braver than I knew you were.

Laura said...

How many times can we all say that you are amazing? A zillion more probably, but it will all be true. I would have been scoping out the cool dresses and the people with too much plastic surgery the whole time though!!

Ry Tam & Fam said...

Oh wow what a fun and memorable experience for you! You should have busted out with your old prom dress;) It's about in style again isn't it! So the DVD? Tell me more about it will it be viewed by lots of people? Will I ever get a chance to see it?

Love ya tons!