Thursday, March 20, 2008

April Fools Day

We met with the Surgeion, Dr. Razzouk, and we're good to go for surgery on April 1. He said that his O2 saturations won't go up much, but it will take about 1/2 the work load off of his heart. He also said that it is usually a 2-3 day in house stay. I just laughed and said, "if we get out of the hospital within a month, I'll be happy." So anywho, I am scurrying to get bloodwork done, X-rays and EKG's.
I'm hoping that my mom can get time off of work to be here with us. I guess she has a lot of sick days stored up. Hooray for mom's!
Hayden continues to keep us laughing. The other day I was in the bathroom and I shut the door(though it was not locked). Hayden immediately started to try to open it. I look forward to the day of a peaceful bathroom visit. When he couldn't get it open he had this nice conversation with the door.
Hayden: Come on door! AAAHHH! Mommy, it won't open.
Me: Well, turn the knob.
Hayden: This way?
Me: ???UM. . .Yes.
Hayden: O.K. . . . Come on door! (tries to kick it, doesn't work). . .
Then comes my favorite part--a talk with the door.
Hayden: Come on door! Why are you not opening? Why are you not opening?! I'm serious!!!

I love my two year old!
Landon started to blow rasberries today. Does life get any better?


teddi said...

Reading about your life with Landon so reminds me of mine with Josh! I don't know how I ever did it :) You're in our prayers!

As for Hayden, maybe he'll learn early the meaning of the phrase "it's like talking to a door."

Ry Tam & Fam said...

Well we will be sending many prayers your way. Especially April 1st! Hayden is too cute talking to the door I love it! And nope life really doesn't get any better I was telling my family just the other day how many riches I had and that I had everything I ever wanted. Missy caught on pretty quick that I was talking about my children and family ;)