Friday, January 30, 2009

The mother of the year

Well, that title won't be coming to adorn my wall or my car bumper anytime soon. Here's the scoop. I broke Landon's leg. It's true. I'm shaking my head now.
Sigh. The boy who is just learning how to walk with a walker, the sweet, innocent boy who kicks when he's happy and digs his toes into you so hard that they give your belly bruise--yep, that one, has a broken leg.
The story. I was playing with him on the changing table. You know, the usual nursery rhymes and then a tickle. We've been practicing pulling him up to a sitting position and strengthening the neck muscles. So that's what I did. Only I didn't notice that his leg had scooted down between the bar. I picked him up and he have a wild shriek. Usually he has a high pain tolerance. After he was crying for 30 min. I called Serge. he came home and we decided to see how he fared for a while. Landon calmed down and was kicking, but he still was favoring the leg and would jump if we touched either leg.
So this morning I took him to the pediatrician. She sent us for x-rays and then we ended up in the ER for a splint because he has a fracture just above the ankle. Is that the saddest story you've ever heard? What kind of a mom breaks her own kid's leg?
Sigh--me. We see an orthopedic Dr. on Monday.
Hayden has a barking cough and an ear infection. Oh goody!
Good things that came out of this.
1. I only spent 1 hour in the Er. Yep, from check in to check out--one hour! That truly is amazing folks!
2. I have experienced having a child break a bone. Now we are through with that--I hope.
3. Serge came home early today and yesterday.
4. I love to see the look of terror and trying not to panic when new nurses put a pulsox on Landon and see it in the 70's. Even in the ER when they're trained not to panic
5. Landon will not have to use his walker for a few weeks--he really doesn't like that thing and screams almost the whole time.
6. I learned yet another routine in the health care industry. So if any of you break a bone in your family, feel free to ask questions.

Now, I am going to sleep--since being in a Dr's office since 9:45am until 5 is a little exhausting.

Poor Landon. Yet he's so chipper. What a great example!


Taylor Family said...

If it makes you feel any better, I didn't take Brooke to the doctor for 3 days and it turned out she had broken both bones in her lower arm! How's that for mother of the year? You are a fabulous mom, Sara, and I admire your energy and cheerfulness:)

Burnhams said...

Sara, you are the Mother of the year! I know someone else who broke their kids leg in not one, but 2 places. Accidents happen.

Monica said...

Sara, oohh I'm so sorry. What luck! Hope he heals soon....and only 1 hour in the Emergency Room IS a miracle. Wish I was closer to help. Would love to meet the little ones :)!

Laura said...

You are a great mother!

Ryan broke both bones (clean thru and were separated) and almost needed pins and plates. I thought he was being a drama king and told him to stop crying, until I saw the xray a few hours later. The guilt is what gets us.
We live, we learn, it stinks sometimes.

Tammie said...

Ah Man I hate it when that happens! And I would totally nominate you for mother of the year! Dang it I'm sorry that happened but please don't blame yourself it could have happened to anyone. Give sweet Landon hugs for me!