Thursday, January 22, 2009


Dear Helecopters,
I am sick of you all. I don't know what it is about helecopters. I used to think you were pretty cool. My best friend used to have one in her back yard. We would play in it, even though we were not supposed to. I guess there was just something about a blue helecopter without doors that was just irresistable.
However, I'm not so excited about you all now. It seems that EVERY night we have at least one that feels inclined to circle over the house--for, oh say, 30 minutes! Of course, I am the only one awake in my house at this time. Sometimes it shakes the windows. Sometimes not. And yet, never fail, at abou 10 or 11pm, you make your appearance.
So here are my suggestions.
1. pick some other place to be.
2. could you get the people you are looking for in perhaps one night a week?
3. phone me so that I can know what the heck you are looking for.

Thanks ever so much.


Monica said...


LOL! We have a similar problem...Jets. Lots of low flying jets from Hill Air Force Base. They love to fly right over our house all day and all night. Grrr! At least I know what they're up to. Wouldn't want a copter...means trouble. Good luck. May you invest in ear plugs that only allow you to hear your baby wake up :)! (When you find those let me know.)

Tammie said...

Oh Sara thanks for the good belly laugh I sure needed that! Part of the reason it is so funny because I totally remember that blue doorless heli that I never got to fly for real in. And we live near a military base and hear those copters CONSTANTLY! My sentiments exactally!

Thanks again for the laugh! Sure wish we could just get together and laugh ourselves silly like old times! Tammie

Jill said...

Don't give up hope Sara. Serge is almost done with school and you'll move to a huge house (anything is huge if it is bigger than your place) in a wonderful neighborhood. You always make me laugh and I love your perspective on life, just like you love my perspective with pictures:) We make a good team. Love You!!!