Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

I think I have said this before, but if I don't write it down, it's like I'm not really dealing with what's happening in my life. let's just say that it's been so busy. We had a great time over the Hollidays. We left the 19th to go to my mom's. The next day we got up to go to Beaver for the annual Yardley Family Party. A word that comes to mind is "hoot". We ate and then the kids played games. My favorite was musical chairs. The only ones allowed to play were the kids and their grandparent(my mom and her brothers). In the end, it was only my mom and her brothers left. It was hysterical watching them strategize. I didn't know that they could all move so fast. I laughed so hard when my mom sat on poor Spencer(5) twice! Serge was asked to fill in for a Red jolly giant at the last minute. He did a great job. My favorite was when Hayden immediatly went up to him and asked, "dad is that you?" None of the yardley kids knew him and so Serge said loudly, "no-I'm Santa, Ho Ho Ho! Now go sit down." Hayden obeyed and so did the other kids.
Then we rushed back Sunday to Charlotte's house so we could be ready for Oliver returning from his mission the next day. Brent and Irene had some difficulty finding the keys to their car, etc and so we were glad we had stayed in Vegas. He has changed so much. Love how missions do that.
The next few days were busy. Serge put on two new doors for my mom, put up a ceiling fan for Char and Brandon and then we painted their downstairs. It is now deemed, "the fun house." It is very lively and super cute.
Char's girls are adorable. Sydney is the spitting image of her dad--with a bow added for extra beauty. She is a mothering type. She is starting to talk-or rather WANTING to talk. She does talk, you just can't understand what she says. Sadie is equally as cute, but is definatly resembling the Yardley clan. She loved Landon's hair and would stroke it any chance she got. She gives the best hugs an aunt could ask for. Both of these girls LOVE their Grandma Hauver and she loves it!
Oliver reported his mission that Sunday and then we drove back home along with Chris and cija's clan. Let's just say that 7 hours is not the shortest time it has taken me to get home from Vegas.
We've just been to Disneyland today and had a wonderful time. We've been sick for a while--since the beginning of our trip and frankly are just worn out. This past year has been good to us. For the most part, we are healthy and definately happy.
Landon is going to have another swallow study done on Monday. Hopefully this one will produce some results--I pray! We are going to see the Cardiologist in February. Soon after then, we will schedule a echocardiogram, a cath and then surgery(hopefully) He's getting so big--25lbs! We had to get a pass at Disneyland because I can't carry him everywhere. He melts my heart with his smile though.
Hayden is such a good helper. I love having him help me with chores. He loves spending time with his dad. If I can't figure something out(usually some toy of his that needs fixing) he says, my dad will fix that when he comes home. And even though Serge doesn't know it, he is totally comitted when he does come home.
Two more quarters to go for Serge. June, June, June June---then what? We're looking for a job. Hope there are some left when we get there. I have hope that there will be.
Me, I'm loving my projects. I also will be studying the organ--since no one else in the world seems to play. Sigh--the joys of knowing music.


The Cluff Chronicles said...

It sounds like you guys are doing great! I wish I could have seen you this Christmas. I can't believe Oliver has gone and now is home from a mission, wow if feel old! I hope everything goes well with all of Landon's check ups! I love to read what's going on with your guys' life!

Tammie said...

Sounds like your hollidays were great and BUSY! Your family picture is so dang cute! You all look GREAT especially you! Such a pretty girl you are! Those boys are sure growning fast! I too hope all goes well with the things planned for Landon. You will all be in my prayers!

Much, much, love!

Ben and Melonnie said...

Sarah! Hey I found your blog through Rachel's. You guys are so adorable and your boys are so stinkin cute. Are you guys still living in Upland? We are in Ontario now. I'm adding you as a blog buddy. I hope you don't mind. I read a little of your blog and just wanted to let you know that your family will be in our prayers. Please let us know if we can help you guys with anything.

Jill said...

I love reading your blog Sara. I'm so glad that your holidays were good. I can't believe you are going to learn the organ. Now you'll be stuck doing that forever:) That's if you stay with Upland 5th forever, which I doubt. I am soooo excited that Serge only has 2 quarters left. I can't believe it. You have been such a wonderful wife and a very patient mother through all of these years that Serge has been drowning in school and work. I just think you are the most amazing friend:) and don't think of yourself as anything less. Keep us informed with Landon's check ups. I hope all goes well!!!! Love ya, Jill

Laura said...

I love the new family picture. It was good to see you all on Saturday. Teh boys are growing like weeks. Keep us up to date on Landon's progress.