Sunday, March 15, 2009

What's a mom to say?

so you all know that I have the cutest kids around--pretty much. Anywho, um there are always people wanting to talk to them. Hayden is SUPER shy. He doesn't respond. I don't force him, but encourage. Then I say that he is shy and doensn't want to talk to strangers. Fine, problem solved.
Then there's Landon. He's a very cute kid. When we're anywhere, people try to talk to him. He hears a new voice and he covers his eyes and averts them. They try to wave at him and get him to respond. He doesn't. Then they ask me, "Is he tired?" Well, um, usually kids who are tired rub their eyes, but that's not what he's doing. Then a lady asked me yesterday it he was angry. Hello? My Landon angry? So then I said very bluntly, "well, he's actually legally blind." That pretty much embarrasses everybody that I tell that to, because you can't tell and the fact that he doesn't sit up, everyone assumes that he's tired and laying down. Well, he's not tired, but I'm tired of people asking if he's tired and then I have to explain that he's blind and then they try to act like . . .blah, blah, blah. I'm not mad, but I don't want to make people uncomfortable. What should I say.
a)them: oh is he tired?
me: no, he's just blind.

b) them: Oh is he tired?
me: yep.
c) them: you know what they say
me: just leave him alone, o.k.?

Help! Any suggestions? I'm not being oversensitive am I? And Landon doesn't care if I discuss it.


Rachel said...

I say go with B. Unless they seem genuinely interested. But I think most people see a baby and they can't help themselves and start babbling but they're not really interested. They're just overcome with cuteness. And your boys are seriously cute.

Tammie said...

Although I know the 2 can't compare I kind of started feeling a little like that when everyone would ask my kids what grade they were in. (I think you know this but just in case we homeschool;) And I didn't feel like explaining to every stranger that we they were not in any grade because we homeschooled. And then get funny looks and some people even had the gumption to preach about socializing! BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAHBLAH! I found it was just easier to let the kids handle the quesitons. Since they have NEVER been socially inept! ;) But they of course were a bit older and really this doesn't compare to you are your kids and is probably little if ANY help at all! Ummm I also found it a very simple solution to just become a hermit and not take my kids ANYWHERE! It's too stressful anyway isn't it?!?!?!? Hope some of this may help!

And yeah I'm thinkin' trying to explain things to complete strangers and then making them feel bad is way to much effort! If you find you don't like hermitism go for B. Yep! He's tired! ;)

Love you bunches and good luck!

AJ said...

I am laughing. I am pretty sure that is not the response you wanted, but I hear your humor and I am laughing. I am also imagining how awful I would feel if I tried to make small talk and "bring the world closer together by being interested in those I come in contact with" and someone says their child is blind. I would feel sad. But then I would feel happy that there is a mom who is taking her kids out and about and obviously loves them enough to keep them clean and free from damage. That's the thing in the job I'm expectations are pretty low for success.

But I digress.

Whatever you do will be right for you and your family.

Love to you!

We're Hatchin' said...

Here you go...Ready? "He's just having one of his days!" It's true and noninformational. Just a thought, Mr. Fox...

Wendy said...

I always just answer yes or no to strangers questions and move on as quickly as I can. Of course, it's hard to move on if it's your checker at the grocery store, which it usually is. She will spend whole minutes trying to get my kids to answer questions for her, and of course they won't. What is up with people? They expect small children to be chatty to total strangers who keep getting closer and closer to their faces as they talk? Just give up and scan the carton of yogurt, thank you.

We are Ben and Rebecca said...

I always say "No, but I sure am"