Saturday, August 18, 2007

Well, here is the latest for our Landon. He got moved out of the cardiac unit. I was pretty worried, however, my worries are starting to be resolved. They need beds in the unit and so they sent him over to PICU(pediatric Intensive Care Unit), which is just down the hall. They did a CT scan of Landon't head. I asked about the result today. It looks like the ventricle size(the space inbetween his brain lobes) has gone down and the bleeding has amost been reabsorbed!!! There are miracles happening for our son! However, his phenobarbital level is extremely high--so they may have to cut back on his anti-sezure medication. So anywho, because of that he has been super sleepy the past couple of days. We are still working on his breathing. Dr. Triman is his attending Dr. for the next couple of days. We like him. He is agressive on the vent, however, he knows Landon and has worked with him a lot. We are very hopeful that Landon will continue to progress. I think his brain is waking up finally and I know that Heavenly Father is blessing him. I truly believe that Heavenly Father is an unchangeable beeing and I know he has done miracles in the past. I believe we will see some yet with Landon.
Hayden is doing great. We love having him around. Grandma Hauver left on Thursday and both of them were pretty sad. Let's just say that grandma Hauver was crying and Hayden needed to talk to her on the phone lots the next day. He is learning how to talk more and more. Pretty soon he'll be spitting out paragraphs. I love listening to his conversations. He is always looking for helecopters that visit Landon. They have seen eachother a little bit this past week. Hayden says--Landon hurt(and he points to his breathing tube.) Then he names all of Landon's toys and says bye Landon. Landon just looks at Hayden with awe, just staring and totally fascinated. I think they love eachother already.
Love you all, Please keep praying that Landon can breathe well.


Liz W. said...

Yeah for miracles!

Ry, Tam, and Fam said...

Oh the praying has never stopped since I heard about Landon. I wish there was something more I could do but praying is probably most effective. I really just can't imagine how difficult it all must be. Thanks again for the updates and your wonderful example! I'll hold my little ones extra long today and be oh so grateful!

Love you tons and tons!

Anonymous said...

Dear ones: Thanks for the update on Landon and family. We pray for him daily, as well as all of you. The pictures etc have increased our love, concern and connection with what you all are going through, feeling and overcoming. Love you to the max! Grampa and GrannyLynn