Sunday, August 12, 2007

August 12

Well, another day and some improvement. Landon is on the slow and steady track. I keep telling him that he doesn't have to be an over achiever. He has opened his eyes a lot more today. I've started giving him his nightly rub downs. I don't know when they will start his physical therapy up again. There is a cute old lady who comes and works him with his range of motion. Most of the time he just sleeps through it.

Anywho, He has had quite an eventfull day. He had his A-line(arterial line) removed from his leg and his "blake drain" which is the catheder that drains his heart area after surgery. He has stopped leaking out of his old dialysis opening--which they just took out two days before his second surgery. He's still retaining fluids, but the good news is that they are feeding him breastmilk again and he had a great poop. He's been known to explode poop on the nurses and once he splatted mommy's shirt. That was a memory I'll always treasure:)

We're still working on lowering his bloodpressure and getting him to breathe on his own. Now that they finally found a big issue in why he has failed to come off the vent several times, he is weak and has been on the vent for 7 weeks. So it is yet to be seen. However, we know that miracles can happen, which is what it's going to take.

Hayden had a fun birthday. He is starting to exhibit the usual fun two behaviors. We ask him how old he is and he quickly responds, "wun." This makes me laugh, because he never would say it when he was really one. He likes to tell fibs, I think. When people ask him what his name is he tells them, "Max." I'm not sure where that one came from--Love that boy! Just think, two years ago, I was quickly approaching 24 hours in labor and going to an operating room to have my boy.


Ry, Tam, and Fam said...

Hey Hayden's Birthday is the same day as my brother Spencer's! He's big for his age too;)

Landon and his Mommy are both so tough! Thank you for helping me put things in perspective and for your amazing example and faith! Wish you were closer so I could give you a hug!! Love ya tons! Tam

Liz W. said...

I'm so glad you started this blog! I love seeing the pictures and hearing how you are all doing.

Man, I can't believe that Hayden is already two! What a cutie? And what a crack up that he likes to tell little fibs. Isn't it amazing at how smart kids are?

I'm also happy to see pictures of adorable Landon. It's nice to be able to visualize what a darling boy he is when I'm praying for him (and you). What a strong little guy you have here, Sara!