Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hayden Turns Two

Hayden turns two tomorrow, August 12! He has had a lot of growth and a ton of memories that I will treasure. He has learned to walk, speak, swim, blow bubbles in the pool, drive his mommy crazy at times and melt my heart most of the time. He has been such a bright spot in my day, espcially lately. He loves to give big hugs and "squeeze a mommy." One of my favorite things he has done is learn how to talk on the cel phone. He will pretend like he's calling Landon and the conversation goes something like this. "Nandon 2 2"(which means Landon in room 2 bed 2), "O-Tay, Uh, O-Tay, Talk-t-vader, bye" (which means talk to you later, bye.) He gallops everywhere, which just makes everyone laugh. He is very friendly and is the first person to say hello to a stranger. Everyone thinks that he is 3 going on four because of his size and how well he talks. He loves to tell himself "no" when he knows he's not supposed to get into something, however, he doesn't always listen. A mother could not love a son more. He is such an amazing blessing in our lives

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