Friday, August 31, 2007

August 31

things are still going good. Landon is still breathing on his own! I thank the Lord every day that he does. He is getting stronger, but still not gaining weight. We are still working on eating issues. He is fed through his nose tube(NG tube) continuously. We have been working on getting him to suck and swallow. He can do both independantly, but the two together are still not going well. They want to put a stoma in his stomach, not for permanent, they say, but I'm not sold on the idea after only a few days of trying and only once a day. So this weekend, we are praying for another miracle--the coordination of sucking and swallowing--ie eating from a bottle. He seems more interested in mommy, than a bottle, but he still won't suck from either. He does suck on a passifier though. As soon as we get eating down, we will be going home--which we hope will be in the next couple of weeks.

I have a cute story to tell about Hayden. Sunday was Kevin Hyatt's farewell--our bishop's son. He stood up and said, "Good morning." Hayden enthusiastically replied , "Dood morning!" That got the audience roaring, which only spurred Hayden on. "Dood morning, dood morning, dood morning." I thought I would have to take him out of sacrament meeting before he would whisper it.
Just now, he's asking, "hey hooties?" which in Hayden language means, "play cooties.", you know the game where you put a bug together in pieces. Maybe I could teach him the /k/sound. Anywho, thanks for your continued faith and prayers. We love you all. I'll try to get more pictures of Landon up.

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Laura said...

Landon is looking great! Thanks for posting the pitctures. I'm so glad everything is going well. He'll get the eating thing down. Just tell him that I said he needs to get the milk thing down and in a year or so he'll get to have things like chocolate, cookies, ice cream, etc. Ya know, all the healthy stuff!

I love the Hayden story too! Ya gotta love a good "little kid says something funny in Sacrament Meeting" story!