Sunday, September 28, 2008

San Diego

For our anniversary this year, we planned a trip to San Diego. It was probably the most relaxing trip we took this Summer and I absolutely loved it! We booked a hotel on priceline. If you have never done the "name your own price" you need to look into it. I have never stayed at a four star hotel before, let alone for under $100. It was so much fun. We asked for a king bed, but when we got to our room, it smelled faintly of smoke. So we went back to ask for another room. They upgraded us to "a room with a view." It was perfect--except it didn't have a tub. For those of you who know a little of our house, you will know that we don't have one. So when we go on vacation I NEED one!
Our French concierge transferred us quickly to two doors down. So we kept our view, gained a bed for Hayden to sleep on and had a very nice tub. Here is the view, at least part of it.

Here's how our trip went.
Friday morning we got up and drove to the San Diego Zoo.

We toured the zoo on the bus and then started on our own. I think our favorite animals that day were the gorillas. They were so interactive with each other and then Hayden went up to the glass and was touching their feet.

It was so funny to hear Hayden interact with any of the animals. "Hey friend!" or "Hey buddy!" We had brought our own lunch, which Hayden wanted to leave all over the park for the animals:)
We decided that Landon wasn't exactly our "wild turkey" any more, but was more like a koala. not to be confused with a bear, but it's a marsupial. I hope we can find him a Haloween costume to match.

Then we headed back to our hotel around 4pm, got checked in, blah blay blah(see above) and decided we needed a dip in the pool. They had water slides that were so much fun! Hayden LOVED it. We could hardly get him out of the pool when they closed the slides for the night.

Then we went to a yummy Mexican restaurant for dinner in Old Town. Serge bought me a rose, which was very sweet. Then we tried to talk over the mariachi band and the drunk people singing at the top of their lungs. The drunk people's dancing was quite entertaining and then we met someone who had had a heart problem when he was young. He shared with us his testimony of how God healed him. It was quite touching.
We went back to hotel and the kids crashed. I stayed up late to watch how Hurricane Ike was progressing in Galveston and the train wreck in LA. AND to have a nice bath!
The next morning we packed up the hotel room and went out to find some doughnuts. I was in the mood for bagels and so when we found them, we made another stop at Ralph's so I could get my "bagel", which ended up being a few different pastries and an orange cinnamon roll. What could I do?
Then we headed back to the Zoo.
It was a little bit busier, since it was Saturday, but we still had a great time. We really loved all of the beautiful flowers we noticed and could not help but take a few pictures.

In the end, it was just so relaxing not to have to rush. We headed for home about 6pm and felt refreshed. I think that's the first vacation that I've felt like that ever.


Wendy said...

That's something to be able to say you feel refreshed after a vacation with your's true that sometimes a change of scenery is the most revitalizing thing around.

The Taylor Family said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time! Happy anniversary:)

Tammie said...

So glad you got to have a vacation where you actually felt refreshed. I know you deserved one!

Love ya!

Emily said...

Okay, dear...are so adorable. I love love love your hair! You are truly one beautiful mamma! And your boys are so blasted cute. That picture of Landon sleeping on the last post...what an angel.

I think about you a lot. I want you to know that you and your sweet little family are in my prayers.

You are amazing...I am so lucky to know you!!

Love, Em