Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Letter to myself

(warning: serious run on sentences to follow)
Dear Sara,
Hope you have a good night's sleep.

PS--when you get up at two because Landon's feeding pump is blaring because it's run out of milk and you refill it and close the top(a thing you normall don't do), because you think a random fly that doesn't exist may somehow find it's way into the milk bag----DON'T!
Because when you get up at 4:20 am because the baby monitor is making a funny sound and you go in to see Landon laying horizontal and he has somehow miraculously turned off the baby monitor(seriously folks, I think he has more skills than we think) and you turn it back on and re-position him and you realize that he will still not have enough milk to make it until 6am. So you get him some more milk and go to pour it(in the dark) into the milk bag-only to have it spill completely onto the lid, which has a dip, but only of about 10 cc. So then you will have to clean milk off of the carpet and get more milk to put into the bag.
So in summary, just don't do it. Let the imaginarry flies have at it. Sigh.


We're Hatchin' said...

Dear Sara,

I hope you get a good night sleep, too. I hope the imaginary flies stay away (and the real ones too) and that you can rest.



Rachel said...

Errr, middle of the night catastrophes. You're a better person than I am. I would have left the milk on the carpet. Or let my tears clean it up.