Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our first Summer vacation

Well, we had a wonderful time in Tennessee. We wanted to see so much more, but there were just so many trees in the way. Just kidding. Tammy and James had so much planned for us that we couldn't stop to rest. Good thing they went on their honeymoon.
Let's start at the beginning.
Thursday 7:30am Amy picked us up and took us to Orange County Airport. When we arrived, Landon had pooped out of his clothes(not just his diaper) I guess he was excited. By the time we found a family bathroom to change him in, it had creeped up a little. Needless to say we had to give him a bath(what do you do when he has poop on the shoulders?) in the sink. It was an automatic sink--that was fine. I could deal with that and Landon gasped only occasionally. However, it was also an automatic soap dispenser. It kept soaping Landon's hands and then he did start to freak out. No one should be naked and have soap blobbed on their hands--especially in an airport.
Then there was the boarding of the plane. Let's just say that my husband was a little. . . over nervous about traveling with kids. Will they bug people(of course) Will we have them running the isles(most likely.) So when they announce, "Those passengers needing special assistance," we knew it was our chance to get things settled before the childless passengers got on and realized we didn't have everything under control. We threw the kids into the stroller, dragged our three carry-ons plus a car seat for Hayden behind us and flew down the hall. You leave your stroller there folded up and they load it on the plane. We quickly walked past first class and to our seats. Hayden wanted to sit in every seat and Landon was sick of feeling like cargo while Serge frantically buckles Hayden's car seat in. We get Hayden buckled in, carry-ons stowed and sat down. Then Serge realizes that we are in the wrong seats!
The man had a bee in his bonet trying to right the situation. The kids were good for the duration of our flight. Funny story--Dolly Parton's look alike sat in the row across from us. for our 11am flight, she quickly ordered tomato juice and vodka. Hayden now has an annoying obsession with gun noises and guns. Don't ask me where he got it, but he has it. He'll turn anything and everything into a gun. Straws are the worst. So naturally, during the plane ride he lets loose with his machine gun sounds. Well, Dolly goes to use the laboratory at the same time Hayden is sitting on Serge's lap. Hayden reaches out and pats her on the bum. She turns around and in her slurry voice says, "are you pattin' me?" Hayden knows better than to answer. Then she says, "I know you. I've heard you with your gun. Yr jst shooting everybody, arent you?" OK, it's not as funny as when we were there.
Next we were running around St. Paul Minneapolis. Let's just say that it's a big air port and we ran it twice. We re-boarded early because of our "special needs" and did well in finding our seats--although not together this time. Serge had a good time with Hayden while I picked the brain of a local Nashvillite.
We landed Tammy was there to pick us up. We stopped for an icecream at jack in the box. Serge was so excited. So was Hayden and he spilled it withing 4 min. of us picking it up. Serge didn't worry about Tammy's truck, he just kept saying, 'not the shake.' We got to Tammy's house and realized we had forgotten Landon's feeding pump(the one that feeds him continuously at night so I don't have to wake up for 6 hours of continuous sleep.) That pump. Sigh--so needless to say for the remainder of the trip I got up during the night every three hours. It was like having a new born. Oh wells. And I'll write more of what we did the next days, but it's late now.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We're back from Tennessee

(Read this with a southern drawl)
Hey Ya'll. We're back from the South. We had such a great time. We had a wedding, saw the sites, I got pulled over(story to come later) and so much more. I'll blog soon again and post lots of pictures. I bet you can't wait. Well, you probably can.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Landon and Happy Father's day Serge

Well, first things first. Landon had his birthday on Saturday.
I really can't believe he's one. He is getting so big now a days. He is rolling over quicker, but still not a pro at it(not like his victory kicks). He really is such a joy to be around and has the best smile. When I look back and realize how far he's come, how close we were several time to him dying, I just want to get down and say prayers of thanks. Life is really good. I'll keep my trials as opposed to those going on around me. I cannot say enough how grateful I am for our eternal family. He has a new trick--as seen in the picture.
Some highlights from his year.
Born June 14, 2007
1st Heart surgery June 21, 2nd Heart surgery August 10, Came home Sept. 19, 3rd Heart Surgery April 11. He knows how to bring objects to his mouth, suck and swallow and breathe at the same time, make kissing sounds, coo, roll over and his latest trick--picking his own nose. The boy amazes me all the time.

I love holding him and kissing his little forehead. He likes it too and goes right to sleep. I always told him that when he got home from the hospital he'd better count on me holding him lots. He's held me true to his word because for the first 3 months he did need to be held constantly. I didn't mind too much:) What a magnificent blessing he is in our lives.

And although both of these deserve their own posts, I don't have the time.

Serge is such an amazing husband and father. Hayden is loving his new bike riding time with his dad. Let's just say that he doesn't want to take a nap for fear he'll miss his dad coming home and going on a bike ride. The other day I was talking with Amy and telling her(early in the morning) that Hayden was going on a bike ride with his dad. Hayden responded by saying, "I need to get my helmet on." and then proceeded to do so. I had to tell him that it was only 10 am and that daddy doesn't get home until 5pm. He understood. I can get him to clean up a lot faster if I threaten no bike ride. It's great leverage. We're so excited to have Serge home for the Summer. Last year he had it off, but it didn't count. Thanks Serge for being a really great dad to two wonderful little boys.
A hiking trip we had. Hayden didn't want to walk any longer and Landon was done in his carrier. We thought we'd try it out. Hayden thought it was great. I can only imagine. . .

The Father and son's outing

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Here's the latest on Landon.
He's getting there. We're just a few months behind.
Serge bought a bike that hooks onto the back of his. Hayden can pedal, he just doesn't when Serge is. Serge says it's a good workout for him.
Landon and I are fine to just do our own thing while they are biking around in the heat. This is finals week. Yeah! We're here for the summer. We've already planned a trip to Tennessee for Tammy and James' wedding, a trip to Catalina Island and one to Vegas. I hope to attend Wicked--(I may need a partner to go with me to this) and possibly to go see Blue Man in Vegas. Of course we are plannin on attending the temple more. I also want to write a book and have Serge illustrate it. I think I am going to post a list of things to do before I die. I think of new things every day.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Where have you been?

Some of you may be asking this question. To be honest, I have been procrastinating. I feel like a boring person and haven't had anything of significance to report, except these few things.
1. I have put on weight. It is amazing how you can loose it so quick and gain it back even quicker. It's not as bad as I make it sound, but even a few pounds makes you feel like a blob.
2. My kids and I have been trying to save gas(petrolium). In doing so, we have been homebound much more and let me say that it has taken a toll on all of our sanity.
3. Landon is progressing more and more. He is holding his head up much better--still not always, but I can see that we will eventually get there. We say his Nephorologist yesterday(Kidney doctor). She said that his kidneys are growing proportionate to his body and that their function is wonderful. That is such good news because he had kidney failure and damage so early on. He is 17lbs! He still isn't on the growth chart, but he's making progress. He actually has really cute chubby drum sticks now. Can you believe that he's going to be a year old on the
14th??? Wow, what a year.
4. Serge is into finals. He will be done for this year next week. It looks like we will be in California this summer(boo), but we'll make do. I am planning on traveling--so look out world!
5. Hayden has learned to ride a big bike with training wheels. He had a scare of almost running into the street( he tipped his bike over to stop him) but after that he is scared to ride it on our bike rides. He is pretty funny on his little trike making zoom zoom sounds.
6. I am making a quilt top. Serge got me a really nice sewing machine for Mother's day. For those of you who used my previous sewing machine(don't be offended mom) this one is much nicer. We still have my old one for projects and stuff, but I just love quilting on this new one. My blog class went well. I had two sisters show up, but we have three new blogs(including one for my sister Charlotte)
7. Did you know about ? It is this wonderful site where you can make your blog into a book for a relatively good price. It is cheaper than scrapbooking. I am so excited that a whole year is already done and I am just putting the finishing touches on it.
So there you have my boring lo-down.
Love ya!