Thursday, June 5, 2008

Where have you been?

Some of you may be asking this question. To be honest, I have been procrastinating. I feel like a boring person and haven't had anything of significance to report, except these few things.
1. I have put on weight. It is amazing how you can loose it so quick and gain it back even quicker. It's not as bad as I make it sound, but even a few pounds makes you feel like a blob.
2. My kids and I have been trying to save gas(petrolium). In doing so, we have been homebound much more and let me say that it has taken a toll on all of our sanity.
3. Landon is progressing more and more. He is holding his head up much better--still not always, but I can see that we will eventually get there. We say his Nephorologist yesterday(Kidney doctor). She said that his kidneys are growing proportionate to his body and that their function is wonderful. That is such good news because he had kidney failure and damage so early on. He is 17lbs! He still isn't on the growth chart, but he's making progress. He actually has really cute chubby drum sticks now. Can you believe that he's going to be a year old on the
14th??? Wow, what a year.
4. Serge is into finals. He will be done for this year next week. It looks like we will be in California this summer(boo), but we'll make do. I am planning on traveling--so look out world!
5. Hayden has learned to ride a big bike with training wheels. He had a scare of almost running into the street( he tipped his bike over to stop him) but after that he is scared to ride it on our bike rides. He is pretty funny on his little trike making zoom zoom sounds.
6. I am making a quilt top. Serge got me a really nice sewing machine for Mother's day. For those of you who used my previous sewing machine(don't be offended mom) this one is much nicer. We still have my old one for projects and stuff, but I just love quilting on this new one. My blog class went well. I had two sisters show up, but we have three new blogs(including one for my sister Charlotte)
7. Did you know about ? It is this wonderful site where you can make your blog into a book for a relatively good price. It is cheaper than scrapbooking. I am so excited that a whole year is already done and I am just putting the finishing touches on it.
So there you have my boring lo-down.
Love ya!


We're Hatchin' said...

How can your life be boring?! Hayden always keeps everyone entertained!

The Taylor Family said...

Boring?! You?!!! NEVER!!! "We're hatchin' " is right, too--with Hayden around, life could never be boring:)

AJ says... said...

So not boring, Ms Mayer. I am glad to see you back at the post of writing. You always have great info. I am going to check out the I WILL call you this weekend. Sorry about the slacker-ness.

Wendy said...

I haven't blogged for ages either. I hear you on the gas conservation - we've been doing that too and frankly I have serious mental debates about whether it is actually worth it or not!