Thursday, August 7, 2008

How can you stay mad?

This is Hayden playing in the pools of water on Saturday. We hiked San Antonio Falls that morning and then went to the Mission Inn in Riverside, a great day!

Landon and Serge having a good time. Landon's getting so big he has to lean over in the Bjorn.

So at the end of the day, it's pretty much like Bill Cosby said. You look at your kids and say, just listen to me and get ready for bed and they say, "but dad. . . We can't go to bed without a good beating." Well, no we don't beat our kids, but they do drag out the dramatics before bed and pull out all the stops. . . Ok. . Hayden pulls out all the stops before bed.
So Landon is asleep and it's 9pm and I've had it(He started the day with a HUGE blowout--crap out, whatever. . .graphic picture to follow).

I get Hayden in his pj's and then he goes for the popcorn bowl sitting on the couch(waiting for me to watch the season finale of "So you think you can dance.") I try to help him sit down and not spill the popcorn. He then hugs the huge Tupperware bowl and backs away. I reach and he then proceeds to put the bowl over his head. It was only a minor catastrophe and we only spilt 1/2 of the popcorn, but I had had it and started to cry.
Hayden than pipes in with. "I'll help you pick it up." I give my reprimand(it's pretty much always the same), "Why can't you just listen, son." and then I cry some more(I know, I'm dramatic.) Then Hayden says in his best comforting voice, "Oooohhh, I'm sorry, sweetie." and then he gives me a hug.
Yep, that's being a parent.
He finally got put to bed and I was talking with serge, when an almost three year old snuck out of his bedroom and stole the popcorn bowl. I found him, sitting in the dark, eating by his bed.

It really was great popcorn. Sigh.


Liz W. said...

Sara, what a day you had! I don't know how you do it...

And don't feel bad about crying. I feel like crying most days, and I'm not even responsible for other living beings.

Amanda said...

You really do have the two cutest boys! Hayden in the river?? Come on! How adorable is that? Please send him for summer vacation with Aunt Mandy sometime, kay?

Tam said...

I can deal with poop, I can deal with popcorn..... But both in the same day on top of all the other stresses a mother deals with I pretty much cry every time! We have to realease it somehow or we WOULD beat them! ;)

Love ya you are an awesome mom!

Amanda said...

hey just a special request here. do you have the picture of hayden in his winter beanie on your computer? Could you email that to me? I can't find it and I've been needing to see that one lately. You could also just post it and then everyone could see the cutest picture ever.
Love you. Hope you have had a great week.

Amanda said...

New post! New post! New post!!!