Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hayden's three!

I know it's late, but better than ever. Hayden turned three on August 12. We had a small family party for him. He could barely make it through the day to open his presents. He got a good stache this year--memeory, a letter game, a bubble gun and a baseball glove and a ball. Grandma Hauver is sending him a basketball later. He was so excited.
I asked him what kind of cake he wanted this year. He wanted mommy to make him one. I tried to find a mold, but he didn't want anything except sponge bob. We don't even watch sponge bob and so the only other choice was to make him what he wanted in the first place(without me trying to persuade him)--a Motorcycle cake!
I printed out a picture and Serge cut it. Then he tried to frost it. It was slightly humorous and mommy couldn't let it be, so I doctored it up. It turned out pretty good for my first cake.
Then we went camping up in Acton. We had a nice time and ate some good food. Hayden really loved the pony ride.
This year I feel like Hayden has just gotten taller and smarter. He thinks he truly rules the roost-- and if we're not careful, he does. One of my favorite stories of Hayden I may have shared before. There are so many, but this one is recent. It was Sunday morning and Hayden decided to get up at the crack of dawn. He comes in to lay down in our bed after waking Landon up too. He started playing with the blind cords and I got upset. I told him very sternly, "Hayden, when I say stop I mean stop!" etc. etc. etc. He responds with, "well, it was tangled." Then we go into a discussion for a few minutes. I got to get Landon back to sleep and when I come back Hayden says to me, "Mommy, when I say I'm getting it untangled, I mean I'm getting it untangled!" I had to leave the room so that I didn't laugh infront of him.
He also loves to tell me how to drive. He constantly reminds me what the light colors mean. I think he has failed to remember that I taught him that. I love when he tells Serge that he can't do something because he's not 'trained.' He loves to help us cook(or make a big mess while we're cooking). His favorite is to scoop the ice cream for our smoothies.
He is a really sweet boy and so good with his brother. He'll play with him and tell me if Landon's crying, "Oh, Zandon, do you need a toy?" Lately he tried to interpret Landon's cooing. He fills me in on exactly what he's expressing. It's pretty funny. At night, when he goes to bed, Serge and I just crack up about what he has done for the day.
I thought last year that he was getting so big, but I'm excited to see what this year will bring! Love ya, Hayden!


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Hayden!!! What a great kid you are.

Quick question: What does the cow say?

Laura said...

Wow, I can't believe he's already 3!!! I love the story about the blinds. He told YOU who was boss - didn't he!!

Wendy said...

I feel that CT has just zipped through being 3...which is good and bad. I'm sure Hayden loves being three!

Liz W. said...

Kids really say the cutest things!

I know Hayden will love being three. I think three is a great year. You can talk well enough to get what you want, and your cute enough to get away with it.


We're Hatchin' said...

Man, he's such a cute kid. We all love Hayden, and hopefully we'll see him soon. If you need help knowing where his back-seat driving comes from, I can set you in the right direction!:) Love you!

The Mayer Family said...

You did a great job with that cake!! Wow, three, I can't believe it!! Hope all is well!