Monday, October 22, 2007

What's up now?

Well, we're back home over a week now and we're doing good. Landon is learning how to breastfeed. I know the doctors put him back on formula, but then we went to see a GI specialist and he gave me some things that I should avoid and put him back on breastmilk. SO--in a nut shell, I can't eat anything! Just kidding, I can have protein in the form of some meats, no tomatoes, or spicy foods or greasy foods, for that matter, and no soy--which i later found out was the real culprit. Is anyone else amazed that so many things we eat now a days contains soy in some form?
Some questions that were asked by Boris were good. No, the doctors didn't say what was causing the bloody stools, just that it was something in my breastmilk. Usually, for doctors, the easy fix is putting them on formula. I found out, when I got home and started to slowly illiminate things from my diet that it was soy. As far as the formula goes, it he was allergic to the cow protein(not lactose intollerant), then even the formula they had him on was derrived from cow's milk. However, they claim that it is pre-digested and therefore, not supposed to cause reactions. Landon vomited because it made him gassy, fussy and had more calories. I thought they had origionally watered down the formula. however, they were making it thicker by mixing it with less water to make it higher calories that it was supposed to be mixed at. They do that for "reflux babies." landon is a totally different baby on formula. Don't get me wrong, I think if it worked for him, I wouldn't make such a big deal.
So the thing about throwing up--they were 'fine' with him vomiting a whole feed once a day. however, his blood pressure continued to go down--as there were less fluids circulating in his body. It was alarming to me, but not to the doctors.
Landon is learning how to find his fists. it's so fun to watch him discover his world. He also got his first haircut. I hate to say it, but he almost had a mullet happening in the back. I am amazed at how long some of his hair was. Let's just say that he could've had a comb over in some spots.
Hayden is learning how to cook--or thinks he is. He amazes me at what he picks up. I love it when he disciplins himself--I always know that I should pay attention when he calls himself by his full name, " Hayden Mayer," or when I hear his intake of breath, "OH. OOOO Hayden!" That's usally when I find him dumping out the BBQ sauce, or eating chicken bullion cubes, or pouring OJ all over the carpet. It cracks me up when I tell him, "don't get out the waffle iron." and then he tells me, "only daddy gets out the waffle iron." Well, that statement's true! The other day he told me in the car, "Don't close Landon's eyes." And I confirmed that he shouldn't do that, to which he replied, "makes him sad." and I again confirmed this. Then he added, "makes mommy really upset." The boy is learning!
We had a great time at the Cal-Poly pumpkin patch. Hayden walked all over, declaring, "there's another pumpkin," and then running to it. There were roughtly about 5,000 pumpkins. I enjoyed watching him on the tractors.

Here's some cute pictures of Charlotte's twins. They are adorable! Dark hair is Sadie, who had open heart surgery and the blondie is Sydney. She's in a brace to fix her hip displasia--hopefully only a few more months in it until her hip sockets form around her bone. The cute little thing was scrunched up pretty tight in eutero. both are doing good--althongh Sadie is fighting RSV, but getting better. PS, RSV is from other people who have colds, not pesticides;)
Looks like I can't upload pictures right now, so I'll try later.

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Ry Tam & Fam said...

Hey thanks so much for the update and pictures of the twins! How cute are they!!! And that Hayden lol one smart kid!;) That is too cute! And sound like Landon has his mom's hair!!

Glad to hear you are figuring out things to be able to nurse. Even though I'm sure it's a hassle it can be fun getting creative with the things you CAN eat;) Man I hear you about the Soy it's crazy I heard somewhere that all the soy products they stick in our food is the waste from soybean oil production. Nice isn't it! They didn't want to waste it so they throw it in our food and try to tell us it's the ultimate health food! (Stepping off Soap Box;) Man and no tomatoes in addition to lots of yummy salsa I use tomatoes tons that would be hard! But hey he's worth it RIGHT!!

Much, Much, Love! Tam