Friday, October 12, 2007

Life happens

Well, just to let you all know, we just spent the last week back in the hospital, but are happy to report we are home now. Long story, but here we go. I noticed a few specs of blood in landon's stools two weeks ago. I took him to my regular pediatrician(ped.) and she put him on a formula. She said if he started throwing it up, take him to the emergency room in Loma Linda. Well, he did throw up. I decided to put him back on the breastmilk and then wait until the morning. Oh, by the way, on the formula, no bloody stools. So Friday, the 5th, we took him in to the emergency room, not because it was a huge emergency, but because our ped wasn't willing to deal with it.

Long story short, landon is still throwing up 1x a day when he eats formula. I am on a lovely diet of no eggs, dairy nuts or fish(I've lost a few lbs). However, it took them a week to get us out of the hospital. We did meet another LDS family who has a child with similar heart anatomy. It was neat to talk to them about the progress of their girl--she's almost ready for her last surgery. It helped to calm a lot of my fears--and it made me count my blessings. Their daughter, Emma, is the fourth girl in their family and they have a boy that followed--that's five and now mom is pregnant (5 months along) with their sixth! Mama mia. My hat is off to her.

Something I realized with this last visit is that when we get done with landon's surgery he will operate on only 1/2 of his heart--one atrium and one ventricle. That is amazing. however, when I think about it, it totally makes sense. His heart will only pump to the body and the shunts that he will have will connect all of his returning blood strait into the pulminary artery to be oxygenated. Amazing what goes on to help correct his defect.

Hayden has been such a good boy. I feel terrible pawning him off on others. I missed him something terrible. Serge is striving to keep his head above water with work and school and I'm just trying to survive.

We did get pictures and I hope you all enjoy them.



Boris said...

I'm glad to hear that Landon's out of the hospital. I was a little worried when Suzie told me he went back. I was wondering if you would be able to answer a few questions. Is the formula that Landon is on supposed to prevent the bloody stool? Did the doctors say what was causing the bloody stool? Why does the formula cause him to throw up? But I'm guessing that since he's still on the formula, the throwing up is not that big of a deal? I hope to hear from you soon. I will keep checking the page for updates.

Ry Tam & Fam said...

I LOVE THE PICTURES!!!!! What a beautiful little family! Your hair is so long and gorgeous! Sorry to hear about the stresses, Landon looks way to sweet to cause anyone stress;) I'm so glad you are keeping us updated! I love seeing your cute fam and your beautiful face!

Love ya much!

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