Saturday, October 10, 2009


Alright, alright, alright!
I guess I could start posting again. Life has just been so crazy--literally. I fell off the band wagon when I got pregnant. I was so tired. Then it got even worse when I miscarried. That can totally wipe you out. Then recovering and I thought I would post. Then Landon had his first seizure on Monday. That was a little concerning since it lasted over 15 min., he was having difficulty breathing and didn't stop until we were in the Er and they gave him seizure medication. Then 1/2 of his body quit working--1/2 smile, etc. Five hours later, he was good as new. Miracle!
We visited a new children's hospital and one other hospital. That was exciting. So life is pretty much going good now. Hopefully back to normal. I'm still tired, but hanging in there. Our ward is so good. Even though I was fine, they still brought over some meals--YUM!
Sigh--there, I posted!
Love you all