Sunday, July 20, 2008

oh, by the way

Dear Friends,
um, many of you may have heard that my phone went through the wash. My phone is dead, along with all of your numbers. I do have a new phone, so feel free to call me, but I won't be able to call you, unless you leave your number with me. Would you please email me with your numbers, that would be great!
lots of love
Woman with a new phone(ie Sara)

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Tam said...

wow sounds like you have been busy! So sorry about the flooding that is never any fun! I will be sure to email you my number. It's funny how people's lives are on their phones huh! Have fun on your travels and tell you family hi for me!! Oh and by the way you may want to put our separate blogs on your list or just know that that one will not really get updated but we are posting on the ones it links too!

Love ya, Tam